Cannon Jaguars’ rugby success 

SHARE   |   Monday, 21 March 2016   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang

Cannon Jaguars is arguably one of the successful and ambitious rugby teams in Botswana. In their maiden appearance in Botswana Rugby Union Division A league last season Jaguars finished in the second position ahead of other seasoned teams. The success has been attributed to good governance by the team management.  Speaking in an interview with this publication Jaguars team manager, Fedy Mutenheri said it the good governance that is at the club that see the team succeed. Mutenheri said they have set up a committee of well-versed individuals to run the club. “We run the club professionally and the committee is doing a great job running the club,” said the team manager. 

Following their last season’s impressive performance in the league the club will now be looking for modest results this season. According to Mutenheri they want to finish in a better position than they finished on last season. The Jaguars has started the league on a high note thrashing rivals Botho Ryders 93-0 in their first game. The game has given the determined Jaguars confidence that they can start where they left off last season considering that Ryders is a very strong side. “That was an impressive game on our side and it has given us confidence that we can do well going forward. Remember Ryders is a competitive side and we managed to beat them with that margin,” said Mutenheri.   

He pointed out that should the players keep playing the way they did against Ryders it is going to be very difficult for their opponents to stop them. It looks like Jaguars players grow in strength and confidence with each game they play. Asked what keeps the players going the team manager singled out the team’s management and the founding players. He said the two parties are playing a big role in the motivating the players at all times. “Like I said if management is running the club very well the players get happy and play to their best,” explained Mutenheri. He went on to say that the good governance goes beyond the players as it also attracts sponsors to the team. Most teams usually find it difficult to find sponsors, however this seems not to be a problem to The Jaguars. In a short period they already have a repute sponsor like Canon Botswana who contributes to the growth of the team. 

Mutenheri said as Jaguars they want to lead by example as they want to develop rugby in Botswana. The club has a developmental side which is the Livingstone Kolobeng College boys Team. It is from the player of the college that The Jaguars was formed and Mutenheri believe that the team can become a good model of development to all the other clubs in the country. 

He said the time has come for rugby development to be taken seriously to advance the status of the country in the international arena. According to him for the past two years the development of rugby in Botswana has been shelved, with little done to promote it.  However, he is confident that the newly elected BRU leadership will do more to develop the game during their tenure in the office.