Nato, Mandaza defaulters

SHARE   |   Monday, 04 April 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Mandaza and Nato Mandaza and Nato

Botswana Premier League (BPL) Disciplinary Committee has declared Botswana Premier League as the one at fault in the matter between Mochudi Centre Chiefs and Township Rollers. According to the judgement Terence Mandaza and Ofentse Nato are defaulters because they have been registered after the stipulated quota of 25 was exhausted. DC chairman Busang Manewe said Chiefs were also at fault because it has 28 registered players for the current football season and also it does not include any players from the junior team.

In regard to the argument by Chiefs that they did not exceed the quota, Manewe said that they have also exceeded it because their three foreign nationals were registered even though denied permits by Immigration which means if they are approved they can come back to the team anytime. “We note that Chiefs have not de-registered these players and they remain registered as Chiefs players,” he said. Manewe said the Premier league through its IT and Registration Officer Olebile Pilara has placed an affidavit before them which state that all the 16 Premier league teams have registered more than 25 players. His said it is apparent that from Pilara’s affidavit all teams failed to comply with Regulation 2.3.

He said that teams have consistently failed to comply with Regulation 2.3 of the Play Rules and Regulations over the past seasons and in regard won the championship with players in excess of the quota. According to Manewe, this is the case where the principle of ‘Pari Delicto’ applies, referring to a situation where there is mutual fault between the two parties – that in such a state the law favours him who is actually in possession. “Put in another way where the fault is mutual the law will leave the case as it finds it,” he said. He said there was no how they could punish Rollers when every team in the league is guilty. He said that the worst that can happen out of the situation is that one may also contend that since the entire league was played in breach of Regulation 2.3 by everyone, it may mean that in actual fact there was no league and the entire Mascom Top 8 tournament is a nullity on account of all the teams failing to comply with Regulation 2.3