CAF deadline looms

SHARE   |   Monday, 18 April 2016   |   By Staff Writer
CAF deadline looms

Botswana Premier League (BPL) teams are unlikely to meet the deadline for CAF Club licensing due to the league’s current administrative crisis. Deadline for licensing is August 2016; which is only three months away. BPL is the facilitator of CAF club licensing in Botswana and with its office not operating at full capacity there are fears that it may not perform its duties diligently. The concerned parties feel this will result in clubs having difficulties to meet the deadline. "This is why a solution needs to be found quickly to avoid future embarrassment of our football,” said one of the concerned individuals. He said BFA should act quickly on this. The concerned parties are of a view that an acting CEO should be appointed to have the league run to full capacity than giving Botswana Football Association (BFA) Chief Executive Officer Kitso Kemoeng the fort. 

They argue that Kemoeng already has a lot on his plate and may be overwhelmed by the workload. Kemoeng, who admitted that it is overwhelming to double the CEO positions, said engagements are on-going to find a solution that will put an end to this matter. “A dialogue is on-going between NEC and BPL board to have a solution to this matter. A team of people has been set to consider the submission of the board with regard to acting CEO,” said Kemoeng. This comes after the NEC rejected the submission of BPL Board that Horatio Mahloane hold fort seeking further consultation on the matter. Kemoeng, however, is hopeful that the matter will be resolved as soon as the task team finishes it duties. “We hope this will be sooner rather than later,” he emphasised. However, BFA and BPL board may face more crisis as there are reports that the suspended Mamelodi has through his lawyers written a letter of demand, seeking to get his job back.

It is understood that Mamelodi through his lawyers gave a letter of demand to the NEC for reinstatement failing which he goes to court. Kemoeng did not deny this, saying aggrieved parties will always react the way they feel is suitable for them. He, however, maintained that everything is being addressed to find a solution to the matter as soon as possible. On the matter of club licensing Kemoeng said BFA has been given a license by CAF to be a licenser. He said their staff, has been sent to CAF workshops in South Africa to learn more on club licensing. He said they are looking for a follow-up workshop for CAF to come and workshop clubs again. The licensing requires clubs to adhere to CAF standards that would help them become more professionals. Despite what is currently happening in local football some clubs feel they will meet the deadline. Mochudi Centre Chiefs spokesperson, Clifford Mogomotsi, said people cannot say they failed while the deadline has not yet passed. He said they are currently preparing themselves before they could call auditors to see if they are doing well.

Mogomotsi differed with those who feel the BPL mess would affect teams’ ability to meet deadline. “Some clubs will struggle, yes… but they have to comply. What is happening at BPL does not mean the league will be thrown back to Stone Age. We have to make sure we comply,” said Mogomotsi. Though Kemoeng said they are doing all that is required to see to it that Botswana comply with the CAF requirements of club licencing, he hinted that BPL is somehow holding them back. He did not say this out rightly but reading between the lines this is what came out. He said they are currently working on establishing the bodies required by CAF which are the First Instance Body and the Appeals Body. He pointed out that BPL is supposed to provide them with people who sit in the First Instance Body but they have not been able to do so at this point.

Asked if the situation at BPL could affect meeting the compliance deadline Kemoeng down played this. He said, “Even if there was no situation there are some things that we were not going to achieve.” He, however, did not elaborate further on the things he referred to. With all this Kemoeng is still adamant that the deadline will be met. “At the end we have to work things out that we comply. We have to be in compliance with CAF requirements. It remains to be seen how things will turn around in favour of local football,” he said.