Bad season for GU

SHARE   |   Saturday, 30 April 2016   |   By Staff Writer

The 2015/2016 season has been a bad one for Gaborone United as they found themself in a whirl of problems throughout. It all started with the July 2015 elective Annual General Meeting (AGM) which some members have dismissed as unlawful. The disgruntled members contended the legitimacy of the elected executive committee and took legal action. The case reached High Court judge Justice Leatile Dambe on Monday. The case has been postponed to September 9, 2016. A group of some GU supporters are challenging the legitimacy of the Rapula Okaile-led committee, which was elected into office during the July AGM. The applicants are therefore seeking the court to disregard the proceedings of the July 2015 AGM at which the committee was elected into office. They are arguing that the meeting was not supposed to have taken place since the quorum was not formed. The applicants are thereby disputing the legality of the siting executive committee.

GU chairman Rapula Okaile however has always maintained that a motion was put forward whether the meeting should go on and maturity voted in affirmative. However, the applicants are arguing whether the general membership has powers to pass the quorum. It is only on September 9, 2016 that both applicants and defendants’ merits and preliminary points of law are expected to be heard while the head of arguments of the case are to be submitted by September 6. For the better part of the season the GU family has been embroiled in problems while at one point the management itself was divided. There have been reports that even the club financier Nicholas Zakhem got fed up with some members and was threatening to leave the club. The self-confessed GU lover Zakhem however dismissed any bad blood between him and any member of the management team. Nonetheless, he did not refute allegations that he was being poached by other teams.

This has created uncertainty at the team with anxiety growing on whether he will stay or leave at the end of the season. GU have put some of their influential players on suspension. The three players Ntesang Simanyana, Gaopatwe Seosenyeng and Kgololo Kgogobi were suspended for allegedly undermining the new coach Rudolph Zapata. Word coming from GU camp suggests the trio may well be dropped from the club especially since their contracts are coming to an end soon. The management could only confirm the suspensions but did not want to dwell into discussing the issue further. GU Secretary General City Senne was quoted in the media, saying the matter is being discussed by the management and the decision will only be made public afterwards. All squabbles have somehow found a way into the performance of the team this season. The team failed to defend their Mascom Top 8 title as they were knock off at preliminary stage. GU also failed to do well in the league title after falling out of league title race.

Okaile had said in a previous interview that they are aiming to finish fourth this season. They are currently fifth with only two games to go. GU are in a fierce competition with the much determined BDF XI that has an edge of two points. One can only hope that the Reds as GU is affectionally known can find solutions to all its problems and start on a clean slate the following season. The team has a quality coach by standard in Zapata and it is expected that it gets back to its glory days. Okaile said following the not so good spell in the 2015/16 season they are now looking to build the team for the coming season. However, commentators feel should the issues at the club not be addressed quickly they may continue to affect the performance of the team going into the coming season.