Seribe pursues Olympics dream

SHARE   |   Monday, 09 May 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Seribe Seribe

After an incredible 2015 season Pako Seribe finds himself struggling to shake off injuries and qualify for the Rio 2016 Olympics. He had an incredible season both in the 200m and the 400m races last year but is now struggling due to an injury. “I was in rehab for four weeks and that is why I am leaving to Europe for competitions because I need to do as many as I can between now and July to register a time that will see me qualifying for Rio,” he said. Seribe suffered the same fate in 2012 when after qualifying for the London Olympics an injury denied him participation. He said that he has been training hard and feels that he is ready to fight to qualify for Rio 2016. “The times I am registering now are okay. I just need a few races and I know I will be in great condition after that,” he said. He will be leaving for France and Germany next week where he will camp until the Olympics. He said he will be staying there for the entire time because in Botswana it is winter time which is not really their favourite season as athletes. “In winter athletes are prone to injury because we get hot while training and cold afterwards,” he said.