Moloi hangs his boots

SHARE   |   Monday, 16 May 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Moloi hangs his boots

Mochudi Centre Chiefs long serving Captain of 10 years Pontsho ‘Piro’ Moloi lifted his fifth and last trophy in Jwaneng during their last game of premier league against Jwaneng Galaxy, and that is just what many players can only wish for in their careers. He decided to retire from professional football at 34 years of age. Many things can be said about him but Moloi has proved that the game of football is what he was born to do, and that this was the right time for him to hang his boots. He has been playing football most of his life that he can’t even remember when he started, but as for professional football he has been in the game since 1998, which makes it 17 years and there is no doubt that he has been doing his best since.

On why he decided to hang his boots now when he was still able to play the full 90 minutes Moloi said he decided to do it now because if done late it could erase the good that someone has done. He said that he will be somewhere in the technical and administration within Mochudi Centre Chiefs. He said that his journey has been so wonderful and he can’t change anything “I fought so well, 5 championships, what more can I ask for. I don’t think there is any other team that is better than us or that has achieved what we had in the last 10 years,” he said. Moloi said that the 10 years has been nothing but incredible. He said that he has been in the game and will always be in the game since it is something that he is passionate about and there is a tournament that he also runs to groom young players.

He said as for the Botswana football bodies it is up to them to include them in many things because as footballers they are always available but are not used enough the way it is like with other countries where former footballers are hands-on and contribute in the  technical team, management and even analysing football. He said to him, football is passion more than anything. Moloi said he is not much of a talker, but rather a doer where he inspires young aspiring football players in the right direction. He said to be pertinent for so many years like he has been indeed require a lot of discipline and dedication, so that someone can also be able to show the upcoming talent the right things and knowledge. He lives by the motto ‘be passionate, work hard and be humble’.

He said former Notwane captain, Fabian Zulu, is one of the people who understand his footballing story very well.  Zulu said he raised and groomed Moloi from a young age, and even buying Moloi his first soccer boots. He said since the first time he knew him, he has always loved Moloi's humility and dedication. “He knew me before I knew him since I was playing, he told me he wanted to be like me then I talked to his parents and they gave me blessings to mentor him,” he said. He said he looked after the young Moloi from an early age, always making sure he attends training at  the  Notwane junior side on his way to the senior team training.  "Pontsho loved the game more and respected it. Even without money he never left the game, I told him not to ever quit,” he said.