BAA to decentralise operations

SHARE   |   Sunday, 14 September 2014   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang
Dube Dube

In a bid to improve service delivery and effectively develop athletics in the country, Botswana Athletics Association (BAA) is looking to decentralise its operations to the regions. For a long time BAA affiliates have been complaining that everything has been centralised in Gaborone where most of the central committee members are. 

BAA Vice president Glody Dube confirmed that they have decided to take the operations to the regions. “We have the north and south regions, which would help us to run the association at those levels. This is to try and offload the enormous work the executive committee has been embroiled in,” explained Dube. 


However, Dube said as the executive committee they will not impose this on the regions as they will have meetings with them to get their input and how best this could be done.  BAA team led by their vice president is this weekend in Palapye where they are meeting the representatives of clubs to discuss this issue. 

It is at this meeting that regional structures responsible for driving the decentralisation process of BBA operations will be elected. Such structures include the coaches committee, development committee, the women’s committee, technical and competitions committees. This will also provide a platform for the affiliates to discuss issues which have been of concern to them such as the grassroots development structure Re Ba Bona Ha. The other issue, which is on the agenda, is the centres of excellence that are used to identify and nurture promising athletes. 


Dube said all this is done to try and enhance the way the association is run and have everyone inclusive. He said this will help to better develop the sport which has already shown great growth in recent years. Dube pointed that BAA national executive will monitor the performance from the regions. “The regional structures will have to report to the executive committee to ensure that everything is done correctly,” he said. 

The northern region Coordinator Moses Raphutshe applauded the move, saying it is important for the two to work together comprehensively. For a long time affiliates complained of poor communication between them and the executive committee. In light of this Raphutshe said the decentralisation of BAA operations will help to proactive eliminate arising challenges. 


“This is very good since it will avoid situations where the affiliates and the executive committee meet only during annual general meetings and special meetings,” he explained. 

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