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Chiefs’ judgement looms

SHARE   |   Monday, 08 August 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Chiefs’ judgement looms

Judgement in a case where Mochudi Centre Chiefs have been charged with misconduct will be delivered tomorrow (Monday). Chiefs have taken an exception that the Botswana Premier League Disciplinary Committee should not be the one hearing their case but rather the Botswana Football Association (BFA) Disciplinary Board. The team is facing the music for  an incident that took place on July 23rd they fielded seven players in the premier league deciding game against Township Rollers which led to the game only going on for 30 minutes after their player got injured. This was because a team cannot be in the field with less than seven players. 

The case was heard by BPL DC’s chairman Busang Manewe with Paul Muzimo and Joseph Akoonyatse. Appearing for the BPL prosecution was Mike Rasetshwane while Centre had Lore Morapedi appearing as a member and Chairman of the club Raymond Tsheko. Chiefs faced three counts of misconduct - bringing football to disrepute; tampering with development of football welfare; and contradiction of article 21.1 of play rules and regulations that deals with all cases of misbehaviour. When asked to give a submission Morapedi argued that the premier league does not deal with matters of misconduct but rather the BFA.He argued that the case is not a dispute between clubs, but rather a case of misconduct. “The jurisdiction of this committee deals with protests, not cases of misconduct, and that is why I think they are not applicable,” he said. Morapedi said this is also because the charges that have been brought before them are in violation of the BFA play rules and regulations not that of the Premier League DC which does not even have play rules and regulations. Rasetshwane labelled Morapedi’s point as an unmeritorious one considering the fact that the premier league DC has been listening to cases of misconduct before from other clubs like Extension Gunners.

He said the system is run by BPL which is a body under authority of BFA and that is why it is them who listen to any count of misconduct in administration of football. “This is a constitutional structure parallel to the premier league and my learned friend should reason understanding that the matter emanates from the matter that has been listened to by the premier league DC, which is the Nato case,” he said.  He said they cannot just pick and choose when to obey the DC because the settlement of disputes lies with them. “There is no need to oscillate to and fro, this matter should be dealt with,” he said. Chiefs called for the adjournment of the case, arguing that they could not continue with it as they waited for the DC to serve them with the contracts of all their players who could have been eligible to play at that game. Chiefs are expected to respond back to the premier league prosecutor by Monday at 10am. The judgement will be read out on Monday evening.