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Christine aiming for the stars

SHARE   |   Monday, 07 November 2016   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Christine Botlogetswe Christine Botlogetswe

The 21-year-old Christine ‘Size 10’ Botlogetswe not only wants to do what Amantle Montsho did, but to be Christine and do what no one has done. She is the current 400m national champion for 2015 and 2016 consecutively in Botswana. One thing that always makes her to stand out other than her tall and well-built physique is that she is someone who always looks up to date. She always has her manicures on point with long hair always flowing down her shoulders as if she is about to get on a fashion ramp than a running track. Her close friends call her ‘Size 10, the biggest size’ after she claimed to wear a shoe of that size. Her personal best is 52:37 seconds with her ultimate aim being to eclipse 48 seconds. Coached by Justice Dipeba, she is currently preparing for the World Championships and the World Relays.

Having represented this country in the Rio 2016 Olympics in Brazil, Botlogetswe says she came back having learnt a lot from the bigger stage. She has set herself the next four years to improve and ensure that she competes well at the next Olympics. She hails from the village of Rakops and has been a sport person from a very young age. She loved volleyball more than athletics at the beginning. It was only at junior school that she started running, but didn’t take it seriously. “Despite that I still saw myself being selected for the national team duties,” she says. It was only after finishing Form V that she knew she had to focus more on athletics and make a career out of it. She started training hard with the main aim of qualifying for the Olympics to go be part of the atmosphere at sport’s highest level. Qualification didn’t come that easy for her – she had to work extremely hard.

Botlogetswe now looks back and cherishes every moment and experience from the Rio Olympics. She knows what to do to reach the podium at the next competitions. The young lass boldly states that she is looking forward to being the very best she can be. At the moment she is preparing for coming competitions by combining gym and track from Monday to Friday. “Being an athlete is a full time job because I have to make sure that my body is in good shape and that means I have to train incredibly well. I can’t afford not to be fit,” she declares. She wants to grow so that she is well conditioned for the next Olympics.  When she is not training Botlogetswe likes unwinding with dancing, something that she does so well. She cannot say she is facing many challenges in her career or any stereotypes from being a woman, but rather everything has been all good and she is not letting anything stop her from reaching her goals.