GU launch sponsors

SHARE   |   Monday, 07 November 2016   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang
GU launch sponsors

Gaborone United have finally revealed their sponsors for the 2016/2017 season. On Wednesday the team launched Zac Construction and MOBICEL as their sponsors. Each sponsor will inject P1 million into the club. It is envisaged that the new sponsorship will help the team find its footing in the 2016/17 BTCL premiership. It was a happy moment for the GU family when the sponsorship was unveiled. GU’s long-time supporter Patrick Masimolole took a swipe at both the club officials, players and supporters when welcoming the sponsors. The former Member of Parliament said the factions that have been experienced at the club must come to an end as it affects the club. He warned against politics that could lead to the team breaking up. According to Masimolole, the factions and infightings have the potential of scaring away current and potential sponsors. “If we have issues we should solve them amicably to maintain the integrity of the team,” he said.

For some time the team has been experiencing a lot of internal strive which saw even the performance of the team on the ground affected. Currently the team is embroiled in a legal battle over the legitimacy of the sitting executive committee. Masimolole called on the concerned parties to drop the case which is before the High Court.  “When sponsors come they want to invest their money where peace is prevailing. If there is no peace the sponsors will move away,” said Masimolole. This is exactly what Nicholas Zakhem of Zac Construction said. Zakhem, who took a decision to leave GU at the end of last season, said he made the decision because of too much politics that were at the team. “I decided to quit not because I do not love GU but because of the politics. When you are doing something you expect positivity from all,” said Zakhem. This season will be Zakhem’s last at GU. The investor has been with GU for over 10years. He, however, said he loves the team and it will always have a spot in his heart.     

On the issue of Zakhem leaving the club Masimolole is hopeful that he will not be lost for good from the club. He said they will do everything to convince him to come back. “Those who do not Zakhem will have to make peace with that because we will bring him back,” he teased. Masimolole also took a swipe at the players, saying they should also put their best to take the team somewhere. “There are some players who will be scoring goals at other clubs and when they get to GU they do not score anymore. I do not know why this is the case,” he said. He particularly pin pointed Ralesotla and Hendrick Moyo and urged them to pull up their socks and fight for the team.