Forest to cement BPL spot

SHARE   |   Monday, 14 November 2016   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang
Forest to cement BPL spot

BTCL Premiership new entrants Black Forest are looking to cement their position in the elite league. The team’s current performance reflects their intentions as it started very well in the league, shocking many football lovers. The Mmankgodi-based outfit caused upset to the so-called big teams forcing draws and a win over Gilport to collect six points after four games. Black Forest spokesperson Koketso Mmolotsi said the team is prepared to take on the opponents that come their way this season. Mmolotsi commended the players for the good start they have had even though they were given tough teams. However, he said despite the good start they do not have to relax. He said they still need to work hard as the league just started. “We need to be consistent so that we can achieve the aim for this season – we have to work hard,” he said.

Mmolotsi said their aim is for the club to finish in the top 8 position this season. He said achieving this objective will see them easily avoiding relegation. Most premier debutantes have in the past failed to survive their first season. It remains to be seen if Black Forest will be able to recreate what was done by Orapa United. Asked what keeps the players going at the moment Mmolotsi said they have been given the platform to express themselves on the pitch of play. “The reason why we are currently playing well is because we have stuck to our style of play. Even though we play tough teams, we have not allowed any of them to dictate to us the way we play,” said Mmolotsi.

Because of the team’s impressive start it has since enjoyed a great deal of support not only form Mmankgodi but across the country. Mmolotsi said it is this support that keeps the team going. He urged supporters to continue rallying behind the team to motivate the players to perform even better. It is, however, yet to be seen if the team will be able to hold on to the last games of the league.  

In the elite league finances have always been an enemy of progress to the teams, especially those without sponsors. Even though Black Forest is one such team without a sponsor Mmolotsi said they are currently coping well. The team is currently financed by its manager Mompati Ditiro. “Even though we have not yet travelled to the north we are currently coping in terms of finances,” he said. The spokesperson, however, called for the private sector to come on board and help the team financially. He said they are looking to build a formidable team that will leave a long lasting legacy in local football.