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UB/Korea sign MOU on taekwondo

SHARE   |   Monday, 28 November 2016   |   By Staff Writer
UB/Korea sign MOU on taekwondo

The University of Botswana (UB) is expected to benefit from the Embassy of the Republic Korea as the two enter an agreement in the area of Taekwondo. Speaking at the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding, the ambassador for the Republic of Korea, Yeon Ho Choi said this signals the beginning of big things to come between the two entities. The actual signing of the MOU however was not done as some parts of the document were to be rectified first. With the agreement the Koran embassy is expected to conduct a training programme-based at the UB to benefit students who want to take up the Korean martial arts of taekwondo. UB Vice Chancellor Thabo Fako thanked the Korean embassy for choosing to cooperate with them. “We have been yearning for cooperation with people around the world to take the university forward,” he said.

Fako said his management is totally behind the programme and will support it towards success. He said since martial arts teach discipline it will go a long way to help those who take part in the programme to learn taekwondo. Choi said sport plays an integral part in education and taekwondo would help the students to have a sharp mind. The ambassador is excited with this cooperation, saying if it goes well more will follow. “We are looking to start an exchange programme between UB and Korean universities for the students to learn from each other,” said Choi.

The cooperation is expected to go a long way in helping the country to improve in the area of Taekwondo. With highly qualified coaching personnel coming to Botswana to work with the students it is likely that more talented players will be developed. Some of the Korean delegates that are expected to lead the UB programme are said to be also helping Botswana Taekwondo Federation. One such is Grand Master Hyo Joo Lee who has been with BTF since 2015. Since Lee already has set base in Botswana he will be able to easily broaden the reach of taekwondo in the country.