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A peep into Mamelodi’s head

SHARE   |   Monday, 24 April 2017   |   By Ontametse Sugar
A peep into Mamelodi’s head

After a year of suspension from the Botswana Premier League (BPL) CEO post Bennett Mamelodi’s contract was finally terminated this month. Since his case, Mamelodi has never agreed to talk to the media regarding the matter. The Patriot on Sunday pieced together what makes the man based on views from those that have worked with him closely. The sources referred to Mamelodi as an enigma to many. “The mistake that people make is that they don’t listen when Mamelodi speaks,” said the source. A glimpse into Mamelodi’s character was once revealed when he called a press conference to address some of the sports writers after an article that apparently cost the BPL a sponsorship amongst other things. At the press conference Mamelodi fumed, “If you want to pick a fight, pick it with me, name the time and place I will be there.” He referred to that as the extent to which he would go to protect the BPL brand. The sources revealed that is why he is not giving up in regard to his case because he believes at the end of it all the truth shall come to light and perpetrators of football malice shall be revealed.

His true character is also evident in the minutes of the 10th of January 2015 BPL Board of Governors meeting that this publication has gotten hold of. In the minutes, Mamelodi tore into his bosses. He ironically started his statement with “I started my job as CEO of the BPL on April Fools’ Day in 2012 and set myself an initial target to turn the fortunes of the league around. That is what I came here to do.” It went on with him touching on the acidic relationships that the BPL had with beMOBILE, issues with clubs from the North, the standard of refereeing, and the need for creating excitement and a highly competitive environment so that BPL may remain attractive and relevant. In one of the statements in the minutes Mamelodi said: “I have worked too hard and sacrificed too much to stand by and watch this deliberate and calculated destruction of the BPL. Several incidents have happened that have left me hurt and sore and I so reserve the right to explore known avenues of recourse in due course.” He went on to say that he is not the enemy; but resistance to change, corruption and irresponsible thuggery are the enemy. One of the board members who were present at the time said even though they were uncomfortable with his submissions they did remind him that they were his bosses. On how he is doing at the moment the sources close to him revealed that he is a deeply spiritual man and a devout catholic who leads quite a private lifestyle and is extremely protective of those close to him.

Brought to comment one of the former members of the BPL DC said “he was very supportive and never interfered. At times we made rulings he clearly didn’t like and he always said as long as we could defend those decisions it was fine.” He added that now with him having been dismissed in disgrace on allegations of mismanagement one would assume, having peeped into his head and having observed albeit from a distance that his relentless fight in the courts can only hazard a guess that this football match is now going into extra time. “This fight is far from over. One can only conclude that he won’t rest until his dignity is restored,” said the official. One of his close confidantes told this publication that he went to visit Mamelodi upon his return from a surgical procedure in Johannesburg recently and found him in high spirits where when he asked him about any regrets as BPL CEO he said, “working as CEO of BPL always felt like a kite dancing in a hurricane but I am going to land this kite.” When this publication called Mamelodi for comment all he could do was laugh and said at that moment he was going to his lawyer’s office and his lips will be sealed until this is over.