Change mind set

SHARE   |   Thursday, 27 July 2017   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang
Change mind set

Former Japanese runner Dai Tamesue has said athletes should continue learning from their defeats and mistakes for them to start doing well. Tamesue urged athletes to change mind-setsto fulfil their dreams. When giving a lecture in Gaborone recently Tamasue said achange of mind set will allow them to start doing well. The Japanese men’s 400m hurdles record holder credited a change in mind set to a turnaround in his athletics career.At the start of his running career he was not doing well but he learnt from his losses to be better runner. “For you to be the best resultsare not very important when you start but learning is. Even if you keep losing what is important is what you learn from the loss so that you improve your performance going forward,” said Tamesue. Tamesue was the first Japanese sprinter to win a medal at a world competition. He said prior to this during his first competition he did not do well after tripping and falling off a hurdle. He said this did not deter him as it taught him a thing or two. It was after this that he went back and studied the race to find out what he did wrong. Thereafter he won a bronze medal at the 2001 world Championships.
According to Tamesue, this was because he was able to change his mind set and believed he can become the best runner in Japan. “Even though I could not attain some of the targets I wanted, I managed to get medals at two world championships because I had told my mind that I can do it,” he said. Tamesue was recently in Botswana hosted by the Japanese Embassy to Botswana in their effort to promote sport and culture between the two nations. Japanese ambassador to Botswana Masahiro Onishi said Botswana and Japan have had long working relations in a number of areas including sport and culture. Onishi said they want to see a number of local athletes competing at the coming 2020 Olympics to be held in Japan. Japan has been instrumental in the development of sport in Botswana over the years having sponsored judo and other codes.

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