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Beware of Eclipse

SHARE   |   Sunday, 21 December 2014   |   By Ontlametse Sugar

Boxer Ryan Seakolo scored 4/4 in his four fights this year, knocking down two opponents - the latest victim being last weekend. Dubbed Eclipse for his overwhelming power, Seakolo promises more fireworks in 2015. ONTAMETSE SUGAR reports

One of Botswana’s few professional boxers Ryan Seakolo gave a great show in South Africa last Sunday when he beat one of South Africa’s experienced professional boxers Anele Bebe at Port Elizabeth. Seakolo said despite the competition being tense since Bebe is a great boxer; he managed to keep him until time elapsed and ultimately won on anonymous points. The local boxer managed to corner his opponent with his sizzling punches and fast footwork. Seakolo started professional boxing last year, and since then he has had a very great run in boxing, which is turning him into one of the formidable professional boxers in South Africa. In his earlier bouts he knocked off his opponents, something that is unusual from a boxer who is new in the professional ranks from amateur boxing. As an amateur boxer, he had amassed a lot of respect, skills and strength.
He had fought in school competitions under Botswana Integrated Sports Association (BISA) and went to join Glen Valley Boxing Club in 2008 where he worked hard to make a name for himself as an amateur boxer. He refers to his trainer Larona Francis as the man that helped him to be the fighter that he is; he discovered the talent that was in him an advised him to turn pro last year. Seakolo is nicknamed the Eclipse, which he says comes from how he overpowers and dominates his opponents. Though his stable is in South Africa and most of his fights taking place there, Seakolo stays in Botswana and only goes to South Africa for fights. He said that he desires to fight in Botswana in front of his people, but the problem here is that there are no professional boxing promoters who are able to organise and host bouts here. He said that the reason why he focuses his professional career in South Africa is because the competition in South Africa is very tough and challenging, which is good for his growth.
“When I fight there it is very tough since almost every fighter knows what they are doing, but I always manage to triumph and overcome my opponent,” he said. Seakolo has not lost any fight as a professional boxer in 2014, recording two knockouts in the four bouts he has had. 
He said with his exceptional career, he will line-up more fights next year and aims to win them all. Currently he has not fought for any belt, but is eager to fight for belts since he is now sure of his ability.
“I want to be rated to start fighting for belts, and most promoters have approached me as they want me to fight for titles, and I will definitely consider those options,” he said. He appreciated his local sponsors Dlala, and pleaded with potential sponsors to come forward and support local talent because he still struggles with issues of logistics and other things.

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