New opportunities for local cricketers 

SHARE   |   Monday, 16 October 2017   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang
Lydia Greenway Lydia Greenway

The arrival of former England women cricket player Lydia Greenway in Botswana may open new doors for local players in England. Greenway arrived in Botswana on Wednesday to conduct a two-day workshop with local players to enhance their skill levels and match awareness in a challenging environment. Some of the areas that the workshop focused on include technical and tactical development rotations in bowling and batting. The two areas have been problematic for local players. Greenway said she came to Botswana after hearing from two United Kingdom coaches who came to the country for the ladies International Tournament in August. She said from what they told her she got intrigued by what Botswana Cricket Association (BCA) is doing on cricket development. Greenway, who runs a programme called ‘Cricket for Girls’ in England, said she believes female players must have female role models for them to do well. “I like what BCA is doing and from what I was told there is a lot of talent here. I, therefore, decided to come here to help the development drive and grow women cricket,” she said. Greenway’s main purpose is to help develop girls in cricket. She said the workshop was intended at imparting skills and knowledge to female players as well as opening up opportunities for them. She said after the camp there will be monitoring of how the ladies excel in their everyday play. According to her, this will be very effective if there is a long term partnership with BCA.

Bryan Lemar, who organised Greenway’s visit, said they are now looking at forging a long term relationship that can open more opportunities for local girls. Lemar said they will be looking to make Greenway’s visit to Botswana a regular one so that she continues monitoring the ladies well. He added that if things go well some of the England teams will be invited to take part in the annual BCA Ladies International T20 Tournament. “We also do not want this to be a one sided thing as we will be working to take one of the Botswana ladies to play in England for some time to hone her skills,” he said. However, Greenway said for the country to succeed in growing the game of cricket there should be adequate support from all stakeholders. She gave an example of South Africa which is doing very well in the cricket arena. She said South African teams are well supported, hence they are doing well. Greenway called on other countries to follow suite what South Africa is doing. “There is promising talent here but stakeholders should be more supportive for this talent to be nourished. The ladies should be supported and encouraged to know that they too can succeed and become role models,” said Greenway.           

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