An absent father

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The Minjale family at home The Minjale family at home

… Life of a sport star

Sports stars quite often have to endure the challenge of long distance relationships with their spouses or girlfriends. One example is that of the locally based Malawian soccer star who plays for Police XI. Louis Minjale is a married man with two kids. He left the kids and the wife in his home country when he joined the club last year. This was not the first time for him to play in a different country without his wife and kids. Recently he went for holidays back in his country, and for the first time brought his wife and kids to visit him for a month.
On how he manages to keep a family together and raise the children even though he is not close to them, Minjale said that it only takes principles for him to understand that he has a family back home, and to always fight any temptation that he will find in a foreign country. He is the father to five-year-old daughter Nthongase Minjale and two-year-old son Eric Minjale, and is married to the lovely Madalitso.
Madalitso said when she first met Louis she knew that he was football player but that did not deter her from falling for him because she loved the man that he was and did not care about what he did and the stereotypes associated with the players. She said that when in a relationship like theirs, it is important to have a great line of communication because that is the only thing that they have to keep close to each other. Madalitso said that it is not the first time her husband has been away from her because even when he was playing in Mozambique, she did not go with him because by then she was studying.
“We have been married for about eight years, and even though sometimes it is like it is hard and demands a lot from us, we know that we just have to do it to make this work,” she said.
Madalitso said from next year that she will probably come here to Botswana to stay with her husband, but as for now she will just be in her home country and endure raising kids away from their father for another year. She said that right now it does not even feel like they are apart from each when they are in Malawi and he is here because they communicate a lot. She said that they always make sure that they take every free time that they have to be together, which normally happens in the time frame of about four months. His five-year-old daughter Nthongase said that they always miss their dad when he is not there.
“I want to come and stay with daddy. We miss him,” Nthongase said.
On how he keeps everything together and remain faithful to the family when miles away, Minjale said that all he does when in Botswana is concentrate on his game. The love that he has for his family, he said, is the one that encourages him to work harder and stay clear of any temptation that might come his way.

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