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Tswapong launches women’s soccer league

SHARE   |   Monday, 13 November 2017   |   By Staff Writer
Tswapong launches women’s soccer league

With the women football having been neglected for some time at regional level, the Tswapong Regional Football Association (TRFA) is happy to launch the women’s league this weekend in Palapye. TRFA chairman Brown Kgobe said it is their mandate to make sure that all their structures are functional as a region, hence starting the women’s league. Kgobe admitted that women football has been left slightly behind for some time and they are now looking to bring it to par with the men’s football. “It has always been our plan to have this structure up and running so that as the region we can help contribute towards feeding the national team. If there are no women’s league the national team coaches will have limited options to get players,” explained Kgobe. He explained that the league as launched this weekend will be continuous going into the future. TRFA is the first region to launch the women’s league and Kgobe said they are looking to grow the league going forward. 

The league will have eight teams which are BUIST (Palapye), Eyes on The Ball (Palapye), Sea Bird (Palapye), Letswapo Stars (Lerala), Majwaneng Girls (Majwaneng), Seven Stars (Sefhare), Ground Kings (Lesenepole) and Shining Girls (Lecheng). Kgobe, however, said they are expecting the league to grow. “We are expecting two more teams which said they are still preparing and will soon join the league. With finances always a problem that hinders some projects Kgobe said they are currently looking around for partners to sponsor the league. He explained that currently they are only making ends meet with the little they have. He, however, believes that they will soon find a sponsor. “We are currently going around soliciting sponsorship and we believe that since we are starting the companies will see that we are serious about this project and come on board,” said the confident Kgobe. He said they are currently looking for any help big or small. Kgobe said the start of the women’s league in the region will go a long way in empowering the women in Tswapong region and open an opportunity for more women to be trained as match officials to help run the league.        

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