Reikeletseng elected into TAFISA

SHARE   |   Monday, 20 November 2017   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Reikeletseng elected into TAFISA

Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC) chairperson Solly Reikeletseng has been voted the 2nd Vice President of the TAFISA board – a first for a Motswana. TAFISA is the Association for International Sports for All and it is one of the leading global sports movement which places Botswana’s Reikeletseng in a good position to have his voice heard as he represents Botswana and the rest of Africa in the betterment of sport for all. The International Working Group (IWG) Secretary General Game Mothibi – who was in Seoul, South Korea attending the conference that saw Reikeletseng come on the board – said that it was in 2015 that they signed the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to work together in advocacy for women and girls in sport. “In all these we continue to achieve through our regular contacts with TAFISA and through our websites linked together and we also signed that IWG gets a slot at TAFISA events and IWG will provide the same at the 7th IWG World conference,” she said. She highlighted during their first contact with TAFISA, they learnt that the BNSC was an affiliate and to them that was an advantage to further strengthen their relationship with TAFISA since BNSC which is IWG legal host is also TAFISA affiliate. This resulted with growth of their relations and that led to TAFISA offering Botswana certificate courses for sport leaders, and workshop on traditional games among others. “TAFISA came to Botswana and offered the above and had meetings BNSC and AUSC and Region V to further strengthen the ties. TAFISA saw the enthusiasm displayed by Botswana in sport and in implementing TAFISA programme and as a country we saw opportunities in growing our relationship with TAFISA guess that is why Solly stood for elections so that Botswana can actively participate and benefit in programs and strategies offered by TAFISA,” she said. She believes that Reikeletseng won because of his enthusiasm, the profile he submitted and being articulate and having impressed some of TAFISA members when they visited Botswana. His campaign was headed by Steve Botlhasitse who is Director Sports -Administration at BNSC. 

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