Hope for local football 

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Hope for local football 

The German Football expert Christoph Rocholl – who has been in Botswana for the past two months – leaves for Germany this week, living behind hopes of lasting legacy in local football development. Rocholl has been in Botswana conducting a situational analysis of Botswana football whose findings will lead to the start of a long-term development plan for local football.  Botswana Football Association (BFA) president Maclean Letshwiti said the expert came after they approached Germany through Botswana National Olympic Committee (BNOC) for help to have someone assist with long-term football development plan. Letshwiti said during his two months stay, Rocholl had been to 14 of the 17 regions and has compiled his report for the project.  The BFA president said if treated with utmost importance this project will mark the rebirth of football development in Botswana. He said BFA leadership came up with this initiative after realising even that nothing was showing of football development. Now after entering a partnership with Germany Letshwiti is hopeful that things will begin to change for the better. The crucial areas of this project include grassroots development, youth development and coach education. BFA has for a long time – according to Letshwiti – been having challenges in these areas and lacked expertise for monitoring and evaluation of projects, hence the enlisting of German expertise. He said Germany has a robust development system, which is why they opted for them. 

Rocholl said he is hopeful that the plan will work for Botswana football. The German expert had said that development is very important for local football to improve. He said the BFA should approach development through a pyramid format to get maximum results. He said it all has to start from the bottom going up, adding that when the long-term project is started the right structures need to be followed. Rocholl, however, said there are a lot of challenges that need to be addressed. "To be honest there is zero development in Botswana. You need time and proper education. There are no proper grounds and coaches are not well equipped,” he said. He said all stakeholders should be trained in modern football and all responsible to work together to see this happening. Rocholl was previously engaged by countries such as Costa Rica and Hondurus and managed to set up their robust U-15 programmes. 

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