Rollers shocked by coach’s hefty fine 

SHARE   |   Monday, 11 December 2017   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang
Rollers shocked by coach’s hefty fine 

Nikola Kavazovic’s P10 000 fine by the Botswana Premier League Disciplinary Committee (BPL DC) has come as a surprise to Township Rollers officials. Speaking to this publication in an interview Rollers’ spokesperson Bafana Pheto said they do not even know what the coach has been charged for. Pheto said the management is yet to meet to see the charge sheet and map a way forward on the matter. Pheto is surprised whether the words that Kavazovic is said to be charged with could constitute such fine. According to a statement from BPL DC, Kavazovic has been charged P10 000 for making utterance that contravene Article 25.6 of the Botswana Football Association Play Rules and Regulations after their game against Sharps Shooting Stars on 22nd October 2017 at the UB Stadium. Kavazovic is alleged to have blasted Sharps for playing rough on his players and called them ‘a small team which its name he does not know and does not care about’. Pheto, however, could not see how what the coach is said to have said could constitute the hefty fine. Some in the Township Rollers camp say the coach was telling the truth as he is new to the country and did not know the teams well.  However, the BPL DC came to the conclusion that Kavazovic’s utterance were in contravention with article 25.6 of BFA Play Rules and Regulations. It, therefore, concluded after consideration of evidence and submissions that the words uttered has an element of mocking, degrading, shaming and mortifying the opponent. Furthermore it is said that the words construed in the context they were uttered were meant to belittle and degrade the opponent. It is for this that Kavazovic who did not plead guilty was found guilty of bringing the game of football into disrepute. He was handed the P10 000 fine and warned of his conduct.  

The fine has brought fears that the coach will from now desist from giving interviews to the media. Kavazovic has once threatened that he will not be speaking to the media. Asked about this, Pheto downplayed it saying the coach was probably talking out of frustration. “As a foreigner he might now not know what is right and what is wrong to say. So I believe he was just saying that out of frustration,” he said. Pheto also acknowledged that should the coach decide to stop giving out interviews it will not be a good thing. It remains to be seen what step Kavazovic will take from here. He was given 10 days to appeal the ruling. On the other hand, the judgment of Joel Mogorosi who was also before the DC has been deferred and is expected to be out sometime this week. Mogorosi was dragged before the DC to answer for three counts of misconduct. This was after he allegedly uttered threatening words to one of Sharps players as well as accusing the referee of failing to take disciplinary measures when he was injured. At the centre of this, is the way Sharps players had approached the game, coming out being more physical. Rollers coach and Mogorosi accused Sharps of having planned to intentionally inflict pain on their players. All this has not sat well with Rollers supporters who are pointing accusing fingers to the BPL DC for being too harsh on their coach.  

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