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Miscellaneous riding high

SHARE   |   Monday, 22 January 2018   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang
Miscellaneous riding high

mbition and passion is said to be behind the new lease of life enjoyed by Serowe-based Miscellaneous Sporting Club. The team has exceeded expectations in performance in the 2017/18 BTC Premiership season. They are currently sitting at an unusual third spot in the log table. They achieved the almost impossible task when they defeated high riding defending champions Township Rollers 2-1, to halt their long running winning streak. Last year this time Miscellaneous were struggling and narrowly escaped relation in the last games to finish in position 11. A glance from a distance, one would say the team has finally gotten financial muscle hence the current good performance in the league. Miscellaneous spokesperson Edwin Ntau said the team is doing well right now because of the passion and ambition that they have. Ntau also added that the clever and open way of doing things as management has also come in handy. He said it is not because they have finances. He said they have no sponsor and only rely on the community of Serowe to run their activities.
According to Ntau, all the good things started when as the leadership realised that it was important to respect and hold the players at high regard at all times. He said keeping the players happy at all times helps them to play with determination and perform at full capacity. “If there is a team in primer league that does not have money is Miscellaneous. We currently are running without a sponsorship but rely on good Samaritans to help our course,” said Ntau. It looks like the team has learnt from its past experience. Ntau said the team management realised that the only way to do well is to keep the player happy. As a result management decided to open to the players so that they can appreciate the club’s situation.
“The players know that we do not have sponsors and we are open to them about any amount of money that we get into the club. We do not hide anything away from them so that they can appreciate what is going on and they have grown to become understanding. We respect our players and hold them at high regard,” he explained. He said supporters also are doing their part well to make sure players are well taken care of. At the beginning of the season Miscellaneous’ management gave a mandate to the team to at least finish in the top 4 this season. With the way things are currently going Ntau is very confident the team will be able to attain this. ‘Tse Nala’ as Miscellaneous are affectionately known to its supporters, have so far surpassed all their previous seasons. Ntau therefore believes that if they had a sponsorship the team would be a force to reckon with and they will be even contending for the league honors. He is, however, hopeful that someday the team will have sponsors and continue to grow.