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IWG discussions: Women challenged to grow confidence

SHARE   |   Monday, 05 February 2018   |   By Ontametse Sugar
IWG discussions: Women challenged to grow confidence

The latest in Tsoseletso Magang’s Tsosi series brought together Botswana National Sports Commission (BNSC) Board Member Gift Nkwe, Botswana National Olympics Committee (BNOC) President Botsang Tshenyego and Dr Tshube with a guest appearance by Tebelelo Seretse. The series form part of the IWG conference pre-events meant to drum up support for women course in sport. With the theme Let Them Lead, Magang said that does not mean women should just be allowed to lead, but rather space should be created for them so that they can be able to do that. “When you empower the girls you are igniting potential and that girl will grow up to be an empowered individual,” she said. Magang emphasized that it is important for girls to be raised in such a way that they can be able to question the inequalities and develop a life of courage. She noted that it always baffles her to hear people ask if a girl is ready to lead when they never ask the same question if it is their male counterpart. When giving her view Seretse said that it is always up to women to see where they lost it, because as far as it stands women are more than men in Botswana. She said that as a leader she has learnt that determination is the most important and that is what each and every girl should aim for. 
She called upon women to start using the right things to calculate status because that is one thing that takes them out of course. “The men that we work with are less qualified than us but the moment they step up their confidence oozes,” she said. Dr Tshube said that women should take advantage of their strengths to become all that they want to be because based on research there are areas where women fare better than men including areas like mentorship. “Women can use more confidence in achieving whatever that they want to achieve because sometimes that is where their male counterparts beat them even if they are not well read than the women,” he said. Gift Nkwe and Botsang Tshenyego said at their sport bodies they make sure that they include women in each and everything that they do. Tshenyego said they have deliberately run programmes where women participants outnumbered men. Nkwe said that women are disciplined, perfectionists and are easier to work with.