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Nare: I have done nothing wrong

SHARE   |   Monday, 12 March 2018   |   By Staff Writer
Nare: I have done nothing wrong

Suspended Orapa United assistant coach Daniel Nare has absolved himself from any wrong doing that could have led to his suspension. Nare was suspended by the team’s management on Tuesday for alleged misconduct. This followed their disappointing 4-2 loss to Township Rollers in the Mascom Top 8 final in Francistown over the weekend. While the club management has come out on record about suspending Nare for misconduct, those close to the club say he was suspended mainly for differing with head coach Bongani Mafu. Sources revealed that the difference between the two played itself out on Saturday in Francistown. The two allegedly had differences on the starting lineup prior to the Rollers defeat in Mascom Top 8 final. “Even during the game the two also had differences on the substitutions that had to be made. The management had thought that the two will work together well but after the Saturday events they believe it will not be possible,” said a source. On the list of Nare’s misconduct allegations are coming late to the game on Saturday as well as reporting late to training on Tuesday. Furthermore Nare is accused of remaining behind in Francistown after the game while they were instructed to go back to Orapa.

The outspoken Nare however hit back concerning his suspension, saying he has done nothing wrong that could have warranted his suspension. He even questioned the way his suspension came about as he heard about it through the radio and with no letter given to him or being accorded a hearing. He said the vice chairman on Tuesday told the players at training that he (Nare) was no longer the assistant coach of the club.  “I am not sure if this is how suspension should be carried out if indeed it is suspension. I think out of respect for each other I should have been called to the office separately and advised of my suspension and save me the humiliation in front of my players. My take is that I have been embarrassed, humiliated and belittled in front of my players over a simple administrative issue,” said Nare. He is due to appear before club board for a hearing to answer for his charges. However, news from within Orapa United is that Nare has been removed from the position of the assistant coach and management will decide whether to deploy him to development or not because it has been established that he cannot work harmoniously with Mafu.

As it stands Nare is ready for any outcome of the matter as he feels everything has already been concluded. “I now don't know what my defence will be at that board hearing because I have been tried, judged and sentenced in front of the players so my cause of natural justice has been compromised to say the least. As I stand and wait I am defenseless but I reiterate that I did nothing wrong,” he said. Nare, who joined Orapa United in November 2017, has been at the helm of United in the Mascom Top 8 since the quarterfinals taking the team to the finals since Mafu did not have a work permit. However, since Mafu’s work permit was issued a few weeks ago he had to take over the team during the finals. Some, however, were of a few that Nare should have been left to finish what he started. The former Miscellaneous and Gunners coach has proved to be a good tactician throughout the competition.