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Redefining the image of Botswana football

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 30 October 2018   |   By JosÉ Vieira Couceiro
Couceiro Couceiro

I am happy to launch the 8th edition of the Mascom Top 8. The Mascom Top 8 expedition has been one that is worth celebrating. I look back at where we come from and I’m proud of the milestones so far, I’m even more excited for the future of Mascom Top 8.  This has all been possible because of the cordial relationship we have with Botswana football family, Mascom top 8 participating teams, Mascom Top 8 fans, Batswana and our Media Friends.

As you might be aware, this year Mascom is celebrating 20 years in Botswana. This milestone cannot be celebrated without mentioning our contribution to sport in Botswana. We have over the years positioned the Mascom brand as the Number 1 supporter of sports by making significant contributions to the development of different sporting codes including, netball, motor sport, horse raising, chess, athletics, volleyball, basketball, cycling and football. In the coming years, we wish to continue on this journey and make more meaningful contributions to sports in Botswana.

This season will be more interesting as we welcome back the Jwaneng Galazy, Orapa United, Miscellaneous Football club, BDF XI, Gaborone United and the defending champions Township Rollers. Allow me to welcome for the first time in the Mascom Top 8 tournament, “Sharps Shooting Stars”, and “Black Forest”.  This for us is a continuation of the Mascom Top 8 culture of having at least two new teams every season for the past 8 seasons. This shows that Mascom Top 8 is growing, and reaches out to more clubs. Congratulation and good luck to both teams for making it into the tournament.


Since the first season, the “MASCOM TOP 8” continues to be the “number 1” football spectacle in Botswana. We have seen teams grow and become even bigger house hold names with some new entrants winning the Mascom Top 8 tournament. Fans continue to give the much needed support to their teams making the games more interesting and engaging. Mascom remains committed to redefining the image and perception of Botswana football.

Throughout the years, we have seen stars born from the Mascom Top 8 compete on the international stage and we are looking forward to even more local stars making it abroad, flying the Botswana Flag high. I must say we have a great support system that has influenced the success of Mascom Top 8, our partners, the Premier League, BFA and media, we thank you for your continued support.


Today, we officially launch the 8th edition of the “MASCOM TOP 8”, with 13 matches of great football by Botswana’s Top 8 Teams and 1.3 million grand price.

*Speech by Mascom CEO during the launch of the Mascom Top 8. 

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