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Moruakgomo’s Karate Academy

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 21 November 2018   |   By Bakang Tiro
Sensei Socca Moruakgomo training future champions Sensei Socca Moruakgomo training future champions

The Director and Founder of prestigious Socca Karate Academy and Fitness Centre, Sensei Socca Moruakgomo says the intention of his newly established Karate training centre is to build future champions and stars who will represent the junior and senior national teams.

Moruakgomo, a karateka cum musician of note, said the idea of setting up a Karate academy is to share and impart the knowledge and rich experience he possesses in the sport to upcoming athletes, most particularly the kids being a target at tender age.


He also said the public’s interest of joining the academy is very high, having registered over 30 kids so far. He said as of next year the academy will grow and turn into a force to reckon with in producing champions.

Sensei Moruakgomo told Patriot Sport that his career in the sport dates back to early 1970s which culminated with him turning a Karate professional in 1984 and training abroad in Japan and the USA. He set up the first Karate Club in 1986 upon arrival before he introduced the sport in the Botswana Defence Force (BDF). He is also the founder and current leader of Kimura Shukokai International in Botswana.


“I am fully accredited Karateka professional and trainer from the Kimura Shukokai International and boost some accolades from training enrolment such as the KSI World Chief Instructor’s course held in Germany in 2014. Also this year, I also attended the training in England,” said Moruakgomo.

He is adamant that Karate as a sporting code has the potential to do well compared to other codes, hence his commitment to nurture young talent. “The kids I am training here have great ability and potential to turn into great stars and champions in a near future. I am confident this academy will do well in developing the sport and produce stars of it. I did produce the stars before. Here we don’t just see Karate as a competition but as way of life. We teach these kids good behaviour and hence shape a bright future for the lads,” he said.


The outspoken Karate Master also revealed that there are lessons for the adults as well, and expressed delight in the growing enrolment capacity in the academy for both adults and kids karatekas. The academy also offers the aerobics training within its world class state Karate dojo.

Moruakgomo will be leaving for Germany today (Sunday) to attend a training course in Kimura Shukokai International to be facilitated by one of the World’s Chief Instructors of Shukokai. The course will run for 10 days and he will be accompanied by David Mathe, one of his senior students, who will be representing Botswana as well.


The trainees also shared with this publication that their views in the training and expressed gratitude for being mentored by Socca and confident they will turn into good Karatekas due to the experience and commitment that Moruakgomo puts in.

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