Pro boxing tourney looms

SHARE   |   Sunday, 22 February 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Pro boxing tourney looms

It is almost a month to the Bond Boxing Promotion’s first tournament of the year, and the boxers are thrilled as they prepare for the big night. Bond Boxing Promotions, managed by Bond Ngubula, has been involved in professional boxing in Botswana since 2013, and aims to draw very competitive fights to the country. Though it might seem as if it is far, the boxers are sweating it out to ensure so that they match each other pound to pound. The tournament takes place on March 28.
The fight that is themed ‘The Future’ promises to delight professional boxing enthusiasts. Though it is still growing in Botswana, it has shown progress over the past years that there is hope of it going somewhere. Ngubula said this being the fourth tournament since they started in 2013 proves how far they have grown. Professional boxing has quite few things that are different as compared to amateur boxing, the most significant one being that athletes fight without helmets and being topless.
Ngubula said when they first started athletes were very uncomfortable with taking their clothes off in front of people during the weigh-ins and also having to fight topless. He said now the athletes have gained confidence in fighting without clothes. “They used to be very scared and uncomfortable and now they are really confident which is good for the game,” he said. The main fight will be between Kgomotso Bok and Peter Pelane and the event will take place in Riverwalk South Parking. Bok boast of four fights, three wins and one loss while his opponent Pelane - who has fought most of his fights in South Africa - boasts of eight fights, five wins and three losses. Bok said he is in intensive training in order to make sure that he breaks his opponent to smithereens regardless of him having had many professional fights than him.
“I promise fireworks, and I am just waiting patiently for next month where I will finish him off, he has more fights than me so I expect it to be electrifying,” Bok said.
He affirmed that Pelane does not scare him at all, but rather makes him want the fight even more. Pelane said he is also busy with the training and promises a thriller of a fight that will arouse the spectators. The pundit will be fighting his second fight in Botswana as a professional, while the other seven he fought in South Africa. He exuded confidence that the bout will be exciting. “I can’t wait for that fight, it will be exceptional and the training is good,” he said.
There will be supporting bouts for the night and the interesting one is that of Ryan ‘Eclipse’ Seakolo against Patrick Katura. Seakolo and Katura have an interesting history. When they were still in amateur Katura was a tough opponent for Seakolo. Professionally Seakolo boast of a record that is very impressive which earned him the name Eclipse. He has more fights than Katura.
Ngubula said they are still looking for someone outside to fight one of the local boys in order to make the night even more interesting. Standard tickets cost P100 while ringside ones go for P500. He appreciated their partners Rodizio restaurant, Botswana National Sports Council (BNSC), Riverwalk and MRI Botswana Limited for the support.

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