Moloi brothers open up

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THE MOLOI BROTHERS: Dirang (L) and Pontsho THE MOLOI BROTHERS: Dirang (L) and Pontsho

• About the death of their mom
• Playing for Mochudi Centre Chiefs
• On who wins the league title
They are some of the amazing brothers to ever come out of the local football. Dirang and Pontsho Moloi have impeccable careers in the local scene as some of the best footballers in their own right. Both brothers do not need any introduction when it comes to the football scene. The older brother Pontsho Moloi is the captain of Mochudi Centre Chiefs, and has served as a captain for many years, becoming like a son to the team. Dirang Moloi has just joined Township Rollers on a bizarre five months term. The player took time to explain to The Patriot on Sunday as to why he has signed such a hilariously short-term contract. The dribbling muse said he did so in order to see how things will go out at Rollers because his heart has always been at Mochudi Centre Chiefs. “From the beginning I told Jack that my home is Mochudi Centre Chiefs and that I could not sign a long contract with them, so they begged me to at least stay for a short while to see how things will go. So that is exactly what I am doing now,” he said.
The brothers are mourning the recent passing on of their mother. Dirang shocked many when instead of mourning he donned Rollers jersey and played in the Mascom Top 8 semi-finals on the same day his mother was buried. He has clean-cut answer for those who question his behaviour on the day.
He said he did what his mom, who was a keen football follower, could have told him to go and do. “My mom loved football so much, even when she was on her sick-bed she made sure that she watched football, even the day she passed on we were playing Notwane, so now we play for her whenever we get in the pitch,” he added. He said now it has completely changed as to why he plays football because at first it was about working hard for family, but now with the loss of her mom every game matters and he plays the best for her.
His older brother Pontsho said they have accepted the loss of their mom and are moving on with their lives. He gently referred to her as ‘the game’, because even when things were not going well, they always knew that she will be there to listen even if there was nothing she could do. “The only way for us is to stick together and move forward. It is never right for anyone to lose their loved ones, but at the same time it is sad to see them suffer, so we know she is resting,” he said. Pontsho will next year mark his 10th year as Mochudi Centre Chiefs captain, a team that he also referred to as their own home. He said that though they grew up at Notwane, it was at Mochudi Centre Chiefs where they played their best football. He referred to it as not just a football club, but rather a family to them. He revealed that her mother was a Notwane fan, always supported his boys and the teams that they played for. He chuckled that at least her mom passed on after seeing her grandchildren from all the four siblings. On them playing rival teams, Dirang said they are in it to win it, both the league and the tournament while Pontsho said they are focused on collecting maximum points every game to retain their position at the top of the log table to the very end of the season.
Dirang said there is the possibility of him extending his contract because the Rollers family has been supportive especially the team chairman Jack who treats him like his own son. He expressed gratitude at the intervention made by Botswana Football Union that ultimately resulted with his contractual conflict with his former team DRC’s Don Bosco resolved.  
Dirang advised young people who admire their talent to make sure that they put their hearts to what they do because it is not easy as it might look on the outside. He said that people have got no idea that in every game that they play they should always study their opponents, which then forces them to work extra hard because the person they will be marking might be idolising them.  

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