GU in contracts limbo

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Gaborone United players, Jackie Mothatego [kneeling] is among the seven players whoes contracts will be ending soon Gaborone United players, Jackie Mothatego [kneeling] is among the seven players whoes contracts will be ending soon

Seven players’ contracts ending; Sembowa, Mgadla and Mothatego among them

The trio of Tebogo Sebowa, Mandla Mgadla and Jackie Mothatego is among the seven Gaborone United players whose contracts will be coming to end soon. The trio has had a rough and patchy time at the club since last year, and it would be interesting to see whether their contracts will be renewed. The three players have always been accused of indiscipline at the club, which saw them going through suspensions. 
Gaborone United (GU) Secretary General Herbert Letsebe confirmed that seven players’ contracts were coming to an end, but did not comment on the issue as he deemed it very sensitive.
Soccer analyst Fabian Zulu said the issue of players’ contracts has always been tricky and that it seems even trickier right now. He said that it is even more confusing as it seems negotiations have not been started yet because clubs can negotiate with players six months before their contracts come to an end. He said with his judgment he sees the chances of them signing with the team again to being very steep. Basing solely on the trio, Zulu said though Mandla has been playing more than they do, Mothatego who is always used as a sub does not seem happy at all when he gets in the pitch, while Sembowa  who started playing late, always shows mixed feelings. “I really think they are not happy, and with the team being quite about their contracts is what even makes it trickier,” Zulu said. He added that with claims that the coach is leaving at the end of the season, it makes the situation at GU even more intricate.
He assumed that GU were waiting for the new coach to be the one who decides whether he will need the players or not. “But above all the most important thing is for the boys to be happy, and the management needs to sort everything out with them because right now they do not seem happy at all,” he said.
The players could not be reached for comment.

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