Football should take its rightful place

SHARE   |   Monday, 26 March 2018   |   By Gibson Matenge
Football should take its rightful place

We have decided to share our knowledge and experience with the Society after our interaction with a lot people both formal and informal about the real solution to football and the development of football as a product. We have worked with many Companies, Organisation and Clubs and through our work experience we came across so many issues which are impossible to discuss  all of them here because of limited space we will give our best to summarise the issues and offer the real solution to the development of football as a product.

Urgent issues that need attention
Leadership is not measured by the wealth accumulated, the popularity and charitable activities that have been achieved. The real leadership measurement is the ability to assess, quantify, monitor, development of solution based intervention strategies. Our case in Botswana is total crisis the drought of leadership we witness every day calls for an urgent introspection and decisive action. We will give two examples to illustrate our point.Most Premier League and other Leagues Clubs in Botswana are insolvent and yet they are allowed to continue accruing debts which they will never pay because of their positions. The question to be asked is who real benefit from this saga because we know the players who are the employees of these clubs are the biggest casualties of this insolvency. The only logical answer to this puzzle is the quality of leadership we outlined above which describe the attributes required from a Leader. The second question is how long will these clubs be allowed to secure services from different suppliers yet they don’t have finances to pay their debts. It is well known that procurement of goods and services without finances is an offence. The real solution to this problem is first to do an in-depth analysis of the attributes of leadership and insist on a month to month performance evaluation on leadership. .Clubs in Botswana can have a long term strategy to mitigate this insolvency by doing a due diligence on the viability of the clubs and also use the other option of Pool Strategy that means clubs merging and the development of a long term strategy for revenue generation.

We have decided not to give the usual definition of sponsorship we opted for a practical definition to make our point more relevant to the issues we are discussing about sponsorship. Sponsorship is an investment done by different parties to achieve set deliverable goals and the exploitation of each party platform to maximise value. Botswana does not have a sponsorship framework or any ambition to develop a fully fledge industry because those given responsibilities are pre-occupied with their own interest instead of seeing the bigger picture for the country. All donations made in Botswana which by mistake are called sponsorships do not meet the criteria for sponsorships attributes. Sponsorships should have clear tasks given to all parties to participate and the development of products and services that have to drive those sponsorships. All sponsorships should have valuations and proper mechanism of monitoring, performance and evaluation done on monthly basis. Finally leaders should never be allowed to pursue their personal goals at the expense of the beautiful game and leaders should never be appointed based on their status in the society. We welcome business leaders in football who have good leadership attributes we have outlined above. We need results badly, the time of talking and doing nothing is over, the time is now for football to take its right place in Botswana as one of the performing product.

Gibson Matenge
Billionaire Consortium