SHARE   |   Thursday, 30 July 2020   |   By Jacob Kelebeng Ap-ypl President
Jacob Kelebeng AP-YPL President Jacob Kelebeng AP-YPL President
We knew very well that the strategy of the BDP and their hired Speaker was to intimidate and force the opposition collective to boycott the proceedings so they pass evil thought bills and motions without robust debates and divergent views. That is why in the absence of the majority of opposition MPs, the regime decided to table the BDF ACT Amendment Bill, the import of which, is to GIVE the president the power to employ civilians for the post of Judge Advocate General. We are proud of our Vice President Wynter Mmolotsi's contribution to the debate on this bill and agree with him that career military legal personnel should not be disadvantaged and overlooked in favor of political appointments that are only meant to expand the BDP patronage network.
As the youth league we agree entirely with opposition on their stand against the impatient and partial speaker, and we support their decision to take the matter to court. On other note we applaud Hon Wynter Mmolotsi for remaining behind to debate and expose this corrupt BDP government!
Jacob Kelebeng
AP-YPL President

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