SHARE   |   Monday, 03 August 2020   |   By Mr Nollen Bome
Mr Nollen Bome Mr Nollen Bome
We only have two problems in Botswana, the corrupt moribund BDP and the simple minded BDP voter.I am not in any way suggesting that the BDP won the 2019 general elections, they have rigged astronomically and the courts denied the UDC electoral justice, this piece speaks to those that genuinely voted the BDP, I call them simple minded BDP voters.
Going to 2019 general elections the media, technocrats, the middle class and some undesirable elements in the academia pushed a narrative that the Botswana Democratic Party remains the only party that can change the lives of the ordinary masses of our people and portrayed it as the messiah of our country, they shunned the opposition and presented the ruling party as the only deserving political party to be given yet another mandate to govern this country, I can only suspect this was merely informed by the new leader Mokgweetsi Masisi, typical of Africans, Africans have individualised politics to a point where they think replacing a leader or change of faces in the name of presidents can bring about fundamental difference in their lives.They did that in Zimbabwe when they replaced Mugabe with Mnangagwa,they did it in South Africa, Zuma with Cyril and we did it too here when we replaced khama with Masisi failing to fathom that our problems as a country are systemic and not as a result of an individual, individuals only play a role but our biggest problems are the aging and dying political parties, Zanu PF, ANC and BDP.They must be removed from power.Its time Africans begin to scratch where its itching.
Botswana Democratic Party is corrupt beyond repair.There is no BDP without its corrupt leaders, therefore BDP and corruption are inseparable and voting for BDP equates to voting corruption.The BDP is not a vehicle that is workable, it's dead, you keep pouring fuel in the car that's no longer capable of moving and criticise it when it doesn't move, this is precisely what the BDP voter does every 5 years, knowing very well that the BDP is finished, has no hope and is incapable of amelioration but continues to vote for it and complain throughout the 5 years then vote for it all over again.The BDP has been hijacked by criminals masquerading as business people and the problem we have in Botswana is naive and inept voters,they don't understand the dilemma of politics. Corruption is institutionalized within the BDP and these naive voters are complicit of corruption, abject poverty and rampant unemployment. I feel sorry for the BDP voters but at the same time I am not complaining because they have been cheated on big time.I can't really say they are stupid but so simple minded to believe that the BDP will ever transform. Corruption has embedded itself in the BDP, it has become a norm, they had hoped that Masisi will do things differently and that's what the media told us, it was all a lie and propaganda. They were bombarded with lies, the media praising Masisi for merely nothing, he is implicated in corrupt activities himself and doesn't seem to be doing anything to stop corruption. Even under his leadership there are no consequences for evil acts of corruption, Mayors even loot food parcels meant for the poor and award themselves with tenders in councils they are presiding over, what has really changed under the new leadership!? Elections are designed for instances like this, to remove bleeding political parties from power. Voting the BDP out of power is one of the potent tools in the hands of voters to hold the BDP accountable.The demise of the BDP is necessary and the contempt of the people of this country is BDP voters, it's my view I will take it to the grave.
Haters of the truth can characterize it in an attractive manner they like but the truth is, we live once in this earth and our lives are not an experiment or a trial, they are real. Poverty, hunger, unemployment are real and they hit very hard on us. In 2024, I wish to see more of our people at voting stations in protest against the BDP, the protest in form of a vote because if the BDP survives the elections Botswana won't survive, we need to save our country!
Mr Nollen Bome a social scientist currently completing his Masters degree in Sociology at the University of Botswana.

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