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'Inadequate planning leads to project failure'

SHARE   |   Thursday, 30 August 2018   |   By Kabelo Adamson
Mogasha Mogasha

Experts in project management have shared reasons why many projects fail, saying most of the time it has to do with inadequate planning. On Thursday this week, Innolead, a consulting firm based in Gaborone hosted a session for project management under the topic, “Project management, a remedy to strategy execution and befits realization”.

In implementing projects, experts say it is important to partner with those who have expert in project implementation such as firms Innolead which provides knowledge in this department. Chilipi Mogasha who is Director of Operations at Innolead noted that sometimes wrong organisational structure contributes to failure in project management. It was noted that any technological disrupting project will require project management as the could be challenges in human resources.


More than 70 percent of projects are said to fail because of lack of project management culture. “If you implement a project like a stadium but then you do not cater for people who are going to manage like security then it becomes a challenge,” noted Romeo Mabasa, Business Development Manager at PeapleCert firm.

One of the project management tools used by experts is known as the Managing Successful Programmes (MPS) which is basically  set of principles, governance themes and a transformational flow that form a roadmap for programme lifecycle.


Its benefits for organisations include adding value by concentrating on benefits; improving productivity through progress monitoring, performance assessment, and benefits realization. It is also accredited with assiting in future strategies refinement by encouraging feedback.

This programme is believed to create a structured framework that acknowledges that every programme is unique, but at the same time must be universally applicable, delivering quality outcomes and lasting benefits.


The MSP according to experts, has proven to work even for the most challenging and complicated programmes. Another method for project implementation is known as PRINCE2            with benefits such as managing resources, business risks, and deliverables effectively. This method is reportedly applicable to all types of projects and saves time and resources through a shared approach to reporting. It is also credited with improving productivity by increasing staff awareness roles and responsibilities.

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