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Kofibotiq to launch

SHARE   |   Sunday, 19 July 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Kofibotiq's Marketing executive Moagisi Dubani Kofibotiq's Marketing executive Moagisi Dubani

Kofibotiq will open shop at Masa square in Gaborone next month. The boutique will sell Nespresso machines and the capsules that are needed to make the coffee. Kofibotiq's Moagisi Dubani said they have decided to open a store at Masa after identifying a gap. He said people can now get the machines to make coffee for themselves in the comfort of their own homes without having to coffee shops or restaurants.

The capsules packages have different flavours from vanilla, dark chocolate, caramel, rich and intense, dense and powerful, powerful and contrasting. The machines come in different sizes but the coffee capsules for these machines tend to be similar which means that all can enjoy different flavours whether they bought a cheaper or expensive machine according to their needs. With its technology it only takes a few seconds to heat the single coffee cup, and that of course makes sure that time is not lost with someone having to heat water, mix and do all those regular things that someone has to do before they have their lovely cup of coffee. Avid coffee drinker Stella Tlhoiwe said that it will be great for her to own the Nespresso machine since she drinks coffee the whole day. She said this is the case because after she stopped smoking, coffee became her new addiction. She said maybe Batswana will get to appreciate different coffee tastes because most people are just used to Ricoffy that they make at home locally. “Since I quit smoking I have learnt to appreciate coffee even more and the different flavours makes it a drink for everyone,” she said.