The ultimate TV couple

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 22 July 2015   |   By Ontametse Sugar
THE SENSATIONAL COUPLE; Fergusons had grown with massive roles they play in South African series of dramas THE SENSATIONAL COUPLE; Fergusons had grown with massive roles they play in South African series of dramas

They are one of the celebrity power couples in South Africa. Their fame appears not to have taken away their humility and kindness. When watching them on the screen and on the same set, you wouldn't think that they are husband and wife as they just do their roles with perfection even if it means saying disgusting words to each other. It is the hit TV soapie Generations that got Connie popular, with her character name Karabo exceeding her real name in popularity. The couple has produced the Mnet series The Wild and Rockville which elevated their brand value.

On how they effortlessly work together on screen, Connie laughed off the question, saying it can only mean they are good actors. She said if their characters have to hate each other, then that happens and vice versa. She said they usually laugh it off after the producers say cut. “In the moment it is so real that I forget that I am looking at my husband,” she said.

Talking about their marriage, Shona said although everything always look perfect with them, almost everyone who is married knows that marriage is not for the fainthearted. He labelled love as a relationship that needs so much work. “Just like a baby that is being raised up, marriage is like that, and so we grow every day," he said. He said they take each and every day as it comes, and as such they get to adapt which makes it seem like a smooth sailing.

Aging beautifully
Having watched her since her early days on Generations, nothing seems to have changed much with the beautiful 'Karabo'. On what she exactly does to keep looking beautiful as ever, the star revealed that taking care of herself has always been her priority. She said that she has been taking good care of herself by having avoided alcohol or cigarettes. She said though she is not picky with food, she also knows that she has to eat well in order to maintain her physique and be in good health. She said the reason she boosts of the body she has even with more than four decades in this world is because she makes sure that she exercises four days a week. She said though it might be on the basis of genetics on her side as her parents seem to have aged well, mostly she thinks that people are out of shape and do not look good as much because they are not taking care of themselves. She advised that people should take care of themselves because they can still look good even when they are older.

Their staying power
Getting to talk about how they made it in the South African television industry and their staying power at the top though they are not originally from South Africa, Connie said it was all about handwork and dedication, and also loving the craft. She said since it is an industry where someone has to work with different people, for someone to make it to the top it is just about having good relations with all the people that you work with. She said she didn't expect anyone to love her, but she made sure that she was the one that gives people that love. Above all that, she referred to it as just God's plan since she was at the right place at the right time and it was just something that God placed in her hands. On what the celebrity couple exactly do when they are off the screens, Shona said that they watch lots and lots of television, which means that if they are not working then they are home most of the time. He referred to television as a platform that they use to get most of the inspiration on what to do and what to make better. “We are not the type that like going around, we are always at home,” he said. He added that this has rubbed off on their kids as they also like watching TV and spending most of the time at home.

Being grandparents
When talking about being grandparents, they gushed that it is something that has really changed their lives and everything around the house. Connie said the little man has changed the dynamics in the house so much, as Shona added that he is very happy that there is another man in the house. He said he no longer feels like a king the way he used to as there is another man in the house, but quite very refreshing since he knows that he is not alone anymore. Their daughter Lesedi gave birth to the boy in April.
Appreciate support
Shona appreciated the support that they always get from Batswana. Connie added that they do what they do because they love it, but even though South Africa and the rest of Africa get to appreciate them, there is no good feeling compared to when they are appreciated by the people that they are close to.
On when they are planning to have a production that is shot in Botswana, with actors coming from here, they agreed that it is something that they are working on to show the talent that this country has. They revealed that with the launch of Zambezi Magic Channel that is even more possible as they want a production with pure Batswana where actors use the native language. She advised Batswana producers to tell the country’s stories.