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Women honour Zen

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 17 October 2017   |   By Ontametse Sugar
Women honour Zen

Ladies filled up the Sky Lounge on Wednesday dressed up in their favorite pieces in a special occasion to honour Zenzele Hirschfield for leading the entertainment business for the past 16 years. Women from across board – from business to the leading female artists – came to celebrate Zen for the massive impact she has had in their lives and careers. The finest MC in the country Tumie Ramsden revealed that she was there because Zen is her friend. “It is not about the pretty face that she has; it is not about any other thing but because the work that she does speaks volumes and it is of excellence, so I don’t think there is anyone who can say no to her,” she said. The theme of Zen’s celebrations is the ‘The Lady, Her Strength, and the Friendships’. Nono Siile gave a song rendition at the start of the event, acclaiming the friendship she has with Zen having grown up together from schooling days. Artists from her stable came in numbers including MMP Family, Eskimos, Veezo View, Ban T and her friends in Charma Gal, Berry Heart and Trinity. Jazz music promoter Shima Monageng hailed Zen as a true testament of perseverance as it has not been easy, especially for her as a woman. He said her work and the quality of artists that she has managed are true evidence that whatever she touches it turns into gold. He said Zen is regarded as the Queen of Showbiz not only because of her smile and demeanor, but rather her zeal. “She is unstoppable. Whenever she puts her mind into something she will definitely do that. She is always up and going and has the energy that most people lack,” he said. 


Poet Mmakgosi Anita Tau appreciated in the short time that she has known Zen she has had a big impact on her. “Her life is the evolution of wonder and I have sat down so many times and asked why a woman like me has to cross paths with a woman like Zen, and only God answered that,” she said. She likened Zen to Queen Esther in the bible, who became queen when she least expected it. Tau recognized how Zen has over the years owned her story which has touched many people even though many times it has been misrepresented. Mandla of Eskimos, Ban T, Veezo View and Ples of MMP Family all talked fondly about Zen and what he has done for them. They all revealed that she might not be the easy person to deal with but she has been nothing but a mother to all of them. Charma Gal and Berry Heart also spoke fondly of her, having all worked with her. Zen could only appreciate with tears flowing down her cheeks.  She appreciated everyone for the love and support.  A documentary on her is due to be launched on October 25 at a local cinema while the big celebration dubbed the Queen’s Ball will be at Chez Nicolas on October 27. Being a rare event that it was, the guests pledged money and their services to Zen to appreciate her for the work that she has done for them.   

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