B-Post releases ‘Invertebrates Of The Kalahari No1: Insects’ stamp

SHARE   |   Thursday, 28 February 2019   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Baboloki Somolekae Baboloki Somolekae

BotswanaPost – through its Philatelic Bureau – will be launching a new series of commemorative stamps titled the “Invertebrates of the Kalahari No1: Insects” for both collection and postage purposes on Wednesday 20th February 2019. This is the first stamp issue of 2019 and is the 1st of a series of three (3) stamp issues.


The focus of the new series stamps is on the “winged and non-winged” insects found in the Kalahari Desert following the release of the Kalahari bio-diversity stamp issue in 2018 which entailed a variety of species found in the Kalahari Desert except insects. The release of this issue is a concerted effort to educate and create awareness of the different species of insects that Kalahari Desert is enriched with.


The Invertebrates of Kalahari No1: Insects stamp issue was crafted by local Motswana artist, Mr Baboloki Somolekae, who is also the talent behind the “1st Anniversary of Remembrance Sir Ketumile Masire” stamp issue which was launched in July 2018. The Invertebrates of the Kalahari No1: Insects” stamp issue was completed by local Motswana graphic designer, Monkgogi Samson.


This issue is delivered as a set of six (6) stamps of which consists of three (3) winged and three (non-winged) insects depicting the: Armoured ground cricket - a P0.50 denomination; Hook-tailed Antlion - a P 7.00 denomination; Saw-backed locust - a P2.00 denomination; Tiger beetle - a P1.00 denomination; Robber fly – a P5.00 denomination;  and Yellow Pansie - A P10.00 denomination.

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