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GCC mayor is just on honeymoon?

SHARE   |   Wednesday, 09 December 2015   |   By Phillimon Mmeso
GCC mayor is just on honeymoon?

All is not well at Gaborone City Council (GCC) as councillor for Marulamantsi/Phase IV Sergeant Yellowman Kgosietsile has accused the Mayor Kagiso Thutwe for failing the capital city residents. GCC is under the leadership of Umbrella for Democratic Change (UDC) of which both Thutwe and Kgosietsile belong but this has not stopped the militant civic leader for speaking out against his party led council. In an interview with The Patriot on Sunday, Kgosietsile said he has refused to attend a retreat organised by GCC for civic leaders as he feels that it is a waste of public funds as the council has failed to provide services to the people.

“I cannot be part of corruption cartels who just want to use public funds for their own benefit while the city streets lights are not working and the city is stinking from uncollected rubbish,” said Kgosietsile. Poor storm water drainage is another concern for Kgosietsile, saying the council is dragging its feet to address that. Asked if he has talked to the mayor about the issue, Kgosietsile answered in affirmative but said the mayor is just on a honeymoon enjoying international trips and taking photos which he posts on social media.

However Thutwe dismissed Kgosietsile assertion that they are wasting public funds, saying that the retreat is of paramount importance as it will help GCC civic and administration leadership to introspect. “You have to sit down and introspect and look at areas which need attention hence we called the retreat,” said the youthful Gaborone Mayor. On the issue that he is always globetrotting, Thutwe said Gaborone is a big city and needs to benchmark with successful cities around the world, adding that the council does not spent a single Thebe on the trips as they are fully paid for by the host cities.