Kokorwe defends Khama

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 15 December 2015   |   By Keitebe Kgosikebatho
Speaker of the National Assembly, Gladys Kokowe Speaker of the National Assembly, Gladys Kokowe

President Ian Khama is certainly not a fan of daily parliament sessions and by the look of things it does not seem the habit will be broken anytime soon. According to the Speaker of Parliament Gladys Kokorwe, President Khama is a busy man and cannot be expected to attend Parliament sessions. Besides, Kokorwe says the Parliament standing orders allow for the president to miss sessions. When the president is not in attendance, Kokorwe said the Vice President as the Leader of the House stands in for him. “He is a busy man who travels a lot, everybody know that,” said Kokorwe. Due to this, Kokorwe said until and unless the president is free from his busy schedule then people should not expect to see him in parliament, adding that she, as the speaker of parliament, cannot and does not have the powers to force the President to attend parliament sessions.

“Whether he attends or not, it’s neither here nor there,” Kokorwe said. Meanwhile the speaker commended MPs for their participation in the last session of the 11th parliament. According to Kokorwe, though it was a bit ‘rowdy’ at times, all was well as that was the nature of parliament. “I commend Hon Members for their active participation in the State of the Nation Address as well as in filling Parliamentary Questions, Minister’s Questions and Private Member’s Motions,” said the Speaker. Parliament received 372 questions from members of which 177 were answered. For Minister’s question time 24 questions were received and four were answered. As for the Private members’ motions, 82 were received, two were negated and two were withdrawn.