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Makgato dares Ian Khama

SHARE   |   Thursday, 15 August 2019   |   By Ricardo Kanono
Makagto Makagto

Chairperson of the Botswana Democratic Party (BDP), Dorcus Makgato, was early this deployed by her party to take the battle to former President Ian Kahama who has been having a field day decampaigning the ruling party and its candidates.

She took the assignment boldly and showed the much feared Ian Khama the middle finger, challenging him to meet her at the freedom square and stop hiding behind being a paramount chief. Quick off the mark, Makgato labelled Khama a liar and direspecful, saying the Bangwato paramount chief should come out in the open if he wants to be a politician. Makgato, a Motswanpong from Chadibe, said even if Khama is a paramount chief of Bangwato he should not fool himself into believing that he lords over every tribe and every citizen of Botswana. So, Khama should not come to a political rally and try to instill fear among people, Makgato blurted out.


"Khama should not intimidate people with this Kgosikgolo thing. Botswana is not a monarchy, but a republic. I will treat any smear campaign againts me in my constituency with the contempt it deserves. Khama should respect President Mokgweetsi Masisi and other leaders and stop using belittling remarks like "Masisi waa mo twaela". He should show respect and discipline he claims to preach," she said.

Makgato continued: "In my constituency people want land and water, important developments. We dont want soup, dikobo, diphaphatha. We need grazing land or pastures for our people. We plead with Khama and his rich friends to avail land locked away in ranches. He should free water sources he has turned into personal property. Khama likes white foreigners and elephants more than citizens who are suffering the brunt of elephants  and other problem animals".


"Khama is a liar. When he was in power he went to my constituency and Bobirwa, and traversed the whole country telling Batswana that I am an intelligent, performing MP and minister, launched Kgoboko in Mmadinare saying he is the best candidate to replace Kgathi and that Masisi is the best replacement for him. Now when it is convenient for him he somersaults and changes the story to suit his desires. I reject that because I don’t want history to judge me harshly and my kids to wonder what I did for this country," she said, adding that Khama claims to like people yet he has a packet of hand towels, soaked in with disinfectant that he immediately uses to sanitise his hands as soon as he takes a seat in this official vehicle after greeting and shaking hands of mebers of the public. "O itshutlha eng ha ele gore o rata batho le Batswana ka kakaretso?" Malesu asked.

Makgato reminded Khama that he wrote a letter to former president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe advising him to step down from power, but now he is trying to rule from the grave or return to rule after serving his term of office as President of Botswana.    

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