BIUST demystifies Science

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The Botswana International University of Science and Technology (BIUST) has partnered with Ministry of Tertiary Education, Research, Science and Technology (MOTE) to generate student’s interest on science related subject, thus dispelling illusions that Science is difficult to learn.

The Palapye based research university works with MOTE in the facilitation of the annual week long National Science extravaganza that was officially this year held in Good-Hope village.


Some of the themes that were displayed ranged from Maekathon and Robotics, Science circus exhibits, teachers’ workshops, topics on climate change, technology transfer, and intellectual property.

BIUST embarks also embarks on other science promotion events such as Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) and Research and Innovation Symposium (RAIS) festivals.


In an interview with Engineering and Technology Lecturer, Dr Boyce Sigweni, on the sidelines of the science week said the event accord them platform to impart science skills on the students.

Dr Sigweni who has been drilling students on making digital microscope using cell phone scraps and wood said the students’ ability to assemble the microscope with ease shows that science shouldn’t be taken to be giant elephant difficult to deal with.


He indicated that students were also introduced to programming and electronics (Scratch and Arduino), with Arduino entailing students to assemble a board that is like a small computer.

The Arduino as a computer can be programmed as many times as needed, as it provides I\O interaction, through digital (input and output) including analog input pins.


“It gives us courage as scholars or researchers to share knowledge with students at primary, junior to secondary school level on emerging science technologies. Students have lot of interest and potential in Science, the just need motivation and opportunities to be hands on,” he said.

Meanwhile, Assistant Minister of Tertiary Education, Mosieraele Goya praised BIUST together with other research based stakeholders in taking driving seat to unlock science opportunities.


Goya said the ministry continues to pull resources together through institutions such as BIUST and University of Botswana (UB) to take advantage of space explorations such engineering, Astrophysics, earth infrastructure and Cyber Infrastructure just to mention but a few .

 According to Goya, these areas are proving to be opportunities available to Botswana based on the expertise, capacity in the local universities and the research institutions as the country readies for exploitation of Science Space.


“As we take advantage of the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) and the digital transformation, the potential benefits and risks of this new era are a subject of ongoing discussions and Botswana is not going to be left behind. Technology has made possible new products and services that increase the efficiency and pleasure of our personal lives,” said Goya

This year’s National Science Week marked its fourth edition orates to the theme “Embracing rapid technologies for sustainable development,”

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