Rollers trouble not over

SHARE   |   Monday, 08 February 2016   |   By Staff Writer
Angry Township Rollers supporters Angry Township Rollers supporters

It seems it will take some time for peace to be restored at Township Rollers Football Club. It was hoped that Rollers’ last weekend Annual General Meeting (AGM) would restore order in the team but that is far from the case. Applicants in the case of Mookodi Seisa and Others VS Directors of Township Holdings Pty Ltd revealed they will be lodging a case of contempt of court tomorrow (Monday). The applicants’ spokesperson Kenaleone Tshupelo said this follows the proceedings of the weekend’s AGM which violated the court’s order.   

At the AGM, Rollers’ masses unanimously elected a new executive committee and endorsed commercialisation model for the club. The model called the ‘hybrid’ will allow the team to bring in an investor who will lease the club for a period of time while paying the society some money. It is an open secret that the said investor will be none other than Jagdish Shah who has been running the club.

This did not go well with some supporters who distanced themselves from the results of the AGM. These are the same people who took the directors of Township Holdings to court to challenge the procedure in which the team was commercialised in the first place. After a long legal battle High Court Judge Justice Leatile Dambe, who presided over the case, ruled that Rollers were rightfully owned by the society and all dealings of the club should be handled by the society. 

Tshupelo pointed out that this has not been the case as Township Holdings continue to run the club. “Even the AGM was not the society’s meeting but that of the Township Holdings Pty Ltd. Everything that was used there even the membership cards were bearing the logo of Township Holdings not that of the Township Rollers FC,” he said. He said they were not even allowed into the hall as they had different membership cards.

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A series of meeting have been held by the applicants this week with their legal advisers on a way forward. Even though most people feel the results of the AGM have finished off Mookodi Seisa and company, the applicants believe they have a strong case to present before Justice Dambe for contempt of court against Township Holdings directors.

Tshupelo said they are not worried about the outcome of the AGM as it does not concern them as the proceedings of the meeting were unconstitutional. “What worries us is that the name of Township Rollers FC continues to be used for personal gains. We are going back to court to file for contempt of court application as clearly Township Holdings is going against the court’s orders,” said Tshupelo.

He revealed that they would have made the application prior the AGM but were advised by the lawyer to wait and see if the club will be given back to the society or not. “This has not happen and clearly it is in contempt with the court ruling. This makes us believe that we have a very strong case to present before justice Dambe to help us out,” said Tshupelo. He pointed out that they have since had a meeting with The Registrar of Companies to notify them Township Rollers FC is currently not in the hands of the society.

One of the applicants Mookodi Seisa did not want to say anything concerning the matter. Seisa, who has been vocal in the matter, was threatened two weeks ago because of the stance he is taking. However, Seisa called on Rollers supporters to desist from the abusive ways they have shown. Seisa said the bigger picture should be the team. “Rollers was formed to bring people together not to bring divisive measures between us,” he said. He went on to call on everyone to respect the constitution of the club and do things according to the book. It remains to be seen how this tussle of Rollers ownership will end.