Waking up Peleng giants

SHARE   |   Monday, 27 March 2017   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang
Waking up Peleng giants

Despite the troubles that Extension Gunners find themselves in, there is hope that the team can still be saved. Tsa Gae Pty Ltd – a company contracted to manage the team – has vowed to turn the tables around at the ailing Lobatse outfit. Addressing the media this week Tsa Gae Managing Director Ludo Kemoeng said they have hatched a plan to turn around the team’s fortunes. Kemoeng, however, admitted that it is not going to be an easy task. This is because the club is swimming in a pool of debt. Gunners owe various people and suppliers up to half a million Pula. Kemoeng said not a day passes by without claims from those that are owed. As if this is not enough while the club was still reeling from the sudden loss of Chairman Phenyo Gothaang, Coach Daniel Nare dumped them. Nare‘s departure is said to have come as a blow to them as it was at a time they needed him most.

Kemoeng, however, said all that is more important now is finding solutions for the future. Tasked with the day-to-day running of the club Tsa Gae management is looking to take the team from the troubles it is in and take it another level. “It is clear that we are not in title contending position nor did we play in the Mascom Top 8 this season. This needs to change in the coming season,” said Kemoeng. Though he acknowledged that this is not going to be easy, he said with the cooperation of all the stakeholders involved they will succeed. Their plan is four-year based. In the first year under their management, Kemoeng said they want to see the team finish in the top 8 bracket.  In the second season Tsa Gae envisages the team to win the Top 8 cup and finish at least fourth in the league. 
“By the third season our objective is for the team to win either the league or the Top 8 cup or both. By this time we want to start to be a club that contribute players to the national team. At the moment none of our players make the national team selection. This says a lot about our team in terms of technical development,” said Kemoeng.

The final objective which is the main one is to see the team free of debts and becoming a self-sustaining entity. The Gunner management envisages building an undisputed popular team in the country by the year 2020. Gunners Chairman Henel Kaisara said for the plan to work the supporters who are the great stakeholders need to understand the arrangement between the committee and Tsa Gae. Kaisara said there is need to educate the supporters so that they rally behind the plan as well. Gunners and Tsa Gae have signed a five years management contract expected to run until the year 2020.