How teams failed

SHARE   |   Monday, 04 September 2017   |   By Othusitse Tlhobogang
How teams failed

Institutional clubs have always been associated with some level of professionalism when it comes to the day-to-date running of their teams. The recently released club licensing results have attested to this as all institutional teams in the BTC Premiership in exception of BDF XI, earned a Full License for the 2017/2018 season. Police XI, Security Systems, and Debswana-sponsored Jwaneng Galaxy and Orapa United have been given full licenses for the coming season following an assessment by the First Instance Body (FIB). This could be a sign that the clubs are being run well.  Township Rollers are the only non-institutional team that has been awarded a Full license. It is not a secret that Rollers are aggressively pursuing professionalism and have been running their affairs as such. When Rollers competed in the CAF competition last season they were required to meet club licensing requirements. FIB Chairman Mfolwe Mfolwe commended Botswana Football Association (BFA) for not deferring club licensing this year. Mfolwe believes that the start of club licensing this season will help all the other teams to move towards professionalism. The objective of club licensing which is FIFA-sanctioned is mainly to promote and improve the quality and the level of all football aspects in Africa. Mfolwe said Botswana has been going at a snail pace to implement club licensing even though it was long started in 2007. 

FIB released the club licensing results assessment on Wednesday. Teams that failed the test have earned provisional licenses for the coming season. The clubs failed in providing audited financial reports, administrative and personnel and sporting criteria. The teams have now been given until the end of October 2017 to rectify their shortcomings. Failure to satisfy the requirements after this period will result in the suspension of the teams. “It was only fair that we give teams time to rectify their shortcomings within the next two months. If any of them fail to comply fully there will be no option but to revoke their licence and suspend them from the league,” he said.During the pre-season some teams indicated that indeed providing audited financial results was a challenge for them as it is an expensive exercise. Tafic Sporting Club and Uniao Flamingo Santos officials revealed that this was difficult for them as engaging financial auditing firms was expensive. On this matter Mfolwe said FIB has advised the teams to group themselves and look for an auditing company to assess their books. “By grouping themselves it will be a bit cheaper as the teams will be sharing the costs,” he said. Even though there were some challenges faced by the teams during the assessment process Mfolwe declared the exercise a success. He commended teams for the commitment they showed towards them throughout the exercise. “We engaged the teams and they felt that club licensing came at the right time as it will improve the running of the clubs,” said Mfolwe. He said since this was the first time to conduct the exercise it will be much easier in the coming season as teams will know exactly what is required of them. 

Club licensing results  

Full License 100%

Jwaneng Galaxy, Orapa United, Security Systems, Police XI, Township Rollers 

Provisional (A) Licence Excellent

Gaborone United 90%

Flamingo Santos 85%

Extension Gunners 84% 

Provisional (A) License Good 

Tafic 74%

Sankoyo Bush Bucks 70%

Gilport Lions 70%

BDF XI 70%


Provisional (B) License Pass  

Mochudi Centre Chiefs 65%


Sharps Shooting Stars 60%

Miscellaneous 55%