Non-complying clubs face RELEGATION

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 27 August 2019   |   By Baitshepi Sekgweng
Mfolo Mfolo

·   CAF’s stern warning forces BFA’s hand

·   Clubs leave beyond means; have no offices; pay players late


·   Clubs face P5000 fines; deduction of points


Botswana Football Association (BFA) has vowed to take some stern measures against clubs that do not comply with club licensing requirements.

Club licensing  was introduced  two years  back locally in line with  global standards  with  the sole  aim  of  improving  professionalism  in the  sport. However as of now it is still hard for local   clubs to comply with the requirements with most teams still run as societies.


According to the club licensing manual, clubs should have levels of management and organisation management which means players should be subjected to medical tests before signing contracts as well as for clubs to have running offices and youth development teams.

As of 2017 Township Rollers, Orapa United, Jwaneng Galaxy, Police XI and Security Systems were the only clubs which were issued with full licenses after complying with the standards set while 11 other teams were given provisional licenses with clear instructions to make some improvements. These included Extension Gunners and Gaborone United.


Though in the past   clubs have been threatened with suspension if they fail to comply no action had been taken. Clubs have in fact failed to fulfil some of the requirements such as having development teams and   offices.

To make matters worse teams have continued to live beyond their means; something which has led to them failing to duly pay their players well on time. BFA CEO Mfolo Mfolo has warned that this time around they will take severe measures against clubs without having mercy.


“Every time we want to implement club licensing fully   clubs always seek some leniency but this time around CAF has sent us a stern warning too or else as a country we will be banned from all football competitions. So with that we are forging ahead in terms of effecting this  and  we have come up  with serious  penalties which will  be imposed on  clubs which fail  to  duly   comply. We have  issues of overdue  payables  which we will  continue to  engage clubs  through Footballers  Union Botswana (FUB) but  if we don’t   come up with solutions we  will   relegate those teams to the regional leagues  because it will be showing that  they  don’t have a budget  to play in the elite  league,” said Mfolo  addressing the media.

Amongst the penalties which are available clubs will attract a fine of P5000 and a final grace period of 60 days on failure to maintain at least one active youth team. Should  the team further fail to implement that the  association  will  automatically  deduct  six points   from the  team upon the  expiry  of the  deadline. Failure to   maintain and operate an office  will  result in P2000 fine while the offending club will also  be given 30 days to  operate an office in  which  failure to do  that will also  lead  to  six points deduction.


Though club licensing remains a thorn to many  teams, they (clubs)  won’t be spared  on any  other day  as BFA  technical director  Serame Letsoaka  has  also  shared  the plans  to improve on the  premier league  in the  next seasons.

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