Botswana netball rankings fall

SHARE   |   Tuesday, 10 September 2019   |   By Baitshepi Sekgweng
Botswana Netball Team vs Malaysia Botswana Netball Team vs Malaysia

Botswana netball continues   to go down   the international rankings   following  inactivity  of the  national   teams  in  International Netball Federation (INF) recognised tournaments. Following the release of the   new rankings Botswana currently occupies spot number 26th in the stream of 43 teams with INF world rankings. Botswana was ranked 21st in 2017, the best ranking ever for the country in the history of netball. However limited games and a string of poor results led to the team falling gradually to 25th   in June this year.

The latest rankings reflect performances from all games which were played from the beginning of July. In the INF system it is only  the   senior national  teams which  are  ranked and since   Botswana  side  has not been  active   they have not accumulated  any points  in a long  period of  time. With  the   current  status of netball,  Botswana  risk exiting   the rankings since   43  nations  are  enlisted  in the  rankings worldwide, and hence the prolonged  lack  of action  for the team will  lead to  continual fall in rankings.


“If we are not playing there is no how we will go up, we need to play more rankings games. When we are not playing other countries, which are active will surpass us. Look Zambia  was not  at the World Cup  but they  have been going up  because they have  been  active in other games,” said a close observer.

In the past years Botswana  used  to  compete in four nations tournaments in Asia  most  precisely Singapore  however  that   has since  stopped.


“If you are invited  to attend a tournament so much is at stake but if  you turn down the offer at  the 11th hour citing lack of  funds for travel  that kills the trust  and those countries  will never invite you again and but get another countries. We are getting those invitations for Pent series, Sri Lanka and Diamond challenge and we are working  on making sure  that this  year we attend  so that we are able to  lift our rankings,” said Botswana Netball Association (BONA) President  Malebo Raditladi.

The dwindling rankings have also been a worrying factor to clubs and players around the country.


“We should work on improving the way we do things. In short this is not good for us because for the national team to be good and active there has to be contributions from clubs. So we have to gear up and take netball back to where it belongs. Looking at netball I can’t say money is failing us. Yes, we don’t have the league but as the clubs what we can do it to encourage players to do something and train because we don’t know when we are going to have the league. So we should do something, organize tournaments, sponsors will join us while we are doing something,” said Police Netball Club manager Godwin Mochawacha.


One of the senior national team players Boikanyo Selogetso is of the view that a lot has to be done. “The absence of the league and proper development structures from under 13-23 is a major problem. Sometimes we go on camp unfit then we get poor results and injuries. At least if some netball association  can   organise  four nations  tournaments that will help  to prepare  the team  well in time  and assist  us to improve,” she said.

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