Sports leaders welcome Rakgare

SHARE   |   Thursday, 14 November 2019   |   By Baitshepi Sekgweng
Rakgare Rakgare

Various   sports   leaders from  across    national  sport  associations   have   hailed  the  appointment   of Tumiso Rakgare as  the  minister  of Youth Empowerment, Sports and Culture  Development   with   open  hands. This follows the formation of   new government   after the country   went to the polls   three weeks ago. Rakgare will be assisted by Buti Billy. Rakgare comes at a time in which many things are in disarray   in the local sporting fraternity, key amongst them being limited funding, poor or unavailability   of   sports facilities. Key  amongst   some of  his first assignments will  be   appointing  new  chairperson and   deputy   for Botswana National  Sports Commission(BNSC) since those who have been at the  helm of the  organization  have been  on   interim  basis.

From  the  onset  Rakgare   was  in  pole position  to  grab the  appointment  as  his name  kept cropping up ever since winning the elections. At the  age  of  36  most  believe he is the suitable man for the  job  considering his age as well as  experience   with   the  sporting   fraternity .Though   his  educational   background   says nothing about sports administration   he    was  a   sports  journalist  of  repute   during his days  behind   the   microphone. His time with sports date as far as   2004   until 2014 where   he worked as   sports   presenter at Yarona FM, Duma FM and e-Botswana. It is for these reasons  that many  believe he is  the right  man  for the  job  because he understands the challenges.


“I’m happy and hopeful that considering   minister Rakgare’s past and his current connection with sports. Whilst  understanding  that  he will be guided  by the  existing  government  policies and practices on sports  matters i am hopeful  he will dully  advance  the case for more attention  to sports. There are lot of  areas  that needs the minister’s  attention , that is the  review  of  the BNSC Act, funding for sports especially  sustained and structured  athletes  development . In line with this a serious   realignment and rationalization of education polices as they impact on sport development is   needed. Resolving  the operation  details of  schools  of excellence so that   they  become real centers of excellence  in all  respects  is one of the  matters which need  attention,” said Botswana  Volleyball Federation president Daniel Molaodi.

The same   sentiments have been echoed by Botswana Karate Association (BoKA) president Tshepo Bathai who believes   the new minister has what it takes to steer    sports   to great heights. “We definitely   welcome his appointment; personally I have total confidence in him as he has thorough understanding of sports issues. As a former journalist he is knowledgeable   of what is needed to develop sports to greater heights. But  we  expect  a lot of  things  from  him like  a complete  review  of BNSC Act such that we align  it very  well with international   best  practice  standards  in sports. There is also a need   for one on one meeting with   minister because   this can assist in understanding each sporting code. And attendance   of BNSC or BNOC meetings by the minister will be highly welcomed from our side,” he said.


 “Basically with his experience in sports and energy   he has, we are very much optimistic   for change   for the better. We  expect  simple  engagements  which   bears results,  whatever  method is used as long  as it brings  results  and comply to governance issues we don’t  have any problem  with that,” explained Botswana  Table Tennis  president Kudzanani Motswagole. Since   the appointment is done and dusted time for action is now. Much of work    and support from the minister and his team is expected   as the country   heads to the 2020 Tokyo Olympics next year. Funding  for the  competition  has been  a great   headache in   terms   of aiding  preparations   for  athletes  such  that   many    players qualify  for the  quadrennial    competition.

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