Tafic suspend three players

SHARE   |   Monday, 13 January 2020   |   By Baitshepi Sekgweng
Saul Chaminuka Saul Chaminuka

Trouble seems to  be  looming  at Tafic Sporting Club  after   it  emerged    that  the club  has    suspended  three  of their  senior   players   this  week. The   trio is –Rocky Nkwe, Buyani Kgomotso and Captain Uyapo Tibathuwe –who received their   suspension letters on Wednesday evening. However, the number is likely   to increase to six if news from sources close to the developments is anything to go with.

Though other two names are still withheld some high profile names keeps on cropping in relation to the suspension. According to  a letter  which  this  publication  is  in possession  of Tibathuwe  has been suspended from work until further  notice  pending   investigations  which  the  club says  they  are  embarking  on . Due   to the suspension the captain is further barred from attending   the training sessions of the club.


“To be honest  I don’t  know  exactly what I have  done  wrong because  nobody  has  ever called  me for  a hearing   or  complained about anything or any  bad behaviour. I was just handed the letter on  Wednesday  evening  after  training so I’m just left  with  assumptions,” said Tibathuwe narrating the   ordeal .When  quizzed  if  he is going to appeal  the  suspension Tibathuwe  said  he  is not  going  to  do  that because  he already feels  unwanted  at  the team.

“No  I’m not going to appeal, clearly  I’m not  wanted  at the club .What  I just want  is for them  to pay me  all my  dues  then  I will see  what  to do. If this  was just  a suspension I couldn’t  have   been   told  to return the  training kit so I think  they  have  a plan  and I’m being  pushed  out,” he said.


Of late   trouble  has  been    brewing  at the  Francistown   based   club ranging  from  unpaid   player  salaries and   players boycotting  training  sessions   in  cry   of  poor   welfare. Late  last  year a group  of  Tafic  players   came   together  and  penned a letter to  the  management     complaining  of their   poor  welfare  and unpaid salaries. Ever since then things have never been   the same for Machimenyenga.

“Things changed last time when as players we wrote a letter to the management complaining. After that  I never  played even a single game, even  during  training  I was left  out or  used in an off position but   without any communication as  if  everything  was fine. That’s   when  I realized  that  there  was an  issue about   us players who were  instrumental  in  writing the complaint letter. The management   called  few players  and asked them  about the letter and my  assumption is that those  players  revealed  our  names and shared  that we were the  masterminds  behind  the  letter,” said  the  33year old.


When reached for comment Tafic spokesperson Benjamin Raletsatsi confirmed   the suspensions but was not willing   to divulge more details   to the issue.

“We have three players being Rocky Nkwe, Tibathuwe and Buyani Kgomotso who are suspended   pending disciplinary   hearing. I can’t  discuss  the issue   further  because  It is a matter  of  employee and  employer relations ,”he  said.


According to   Raletsatsi,  they  have further  terminated  the contract  of previous coach  Saul Chaminuka  because  they were not happy with his  performance  and  have roped   in Stanley  Mwaanga  who  signed a  three year  contract.


In  other  news  Forster Machola  has also  resigned from   his position  in the  club as  secretary   general  to  focus  on  his  businesses.

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