What Sports Fraternity Expects Ahead of 2020/21 Budget Speech Presentation

SHARE   |   Monday, 03 February 2020   |   By Baitshepi Sekgweng
Matsheka Matsheka

Minister of Finance and Skills Development, Thapelo Matsheka will be delivering his maiden   budget speech   following his appointment last year post   general elections. But  as  always   people   from  all  corners  of  life   will  be looking   with  a hawk’s eye  to  see how much   each  sector  or  ministries    will  get. The Botswana sports  fraternity   just  like  all  the  other  divides   will  be  expecting  much  more   so  that  this  is one  of   the busiest   years   ever  since  it  the Olympic  year. As  much  as Botswana  athletes are  currently    struggling   to  qualify   for   the  summers games  which  are  slated for  Tokyo ,Japan   there   are  many  issues  that  many   wish  can  be  addressed by the  2020/21 financial  budget and projections.

Though   it  is very  impossible  for the ministry  of  Youth Empowerment, Sports and Culture   development  to  get  a lion’s share  or  at least  get  in the  top 5  ministries with   the largest shares  most  sports administrators  are  of  the  believe that  issues  of  improved  funding for sports, building of  sports facilities  around the  country and   improving national  teams  welfare   should  be addressed  greatly  in this   financially   year.


 Another   important  aspect  of  this  financial  year is that  with  less  than  four  months  to   the Olympics, issues  of  funding  the  preparations of the games  will  be  dealt  with  more so  that  during  the  last  financial year  government  only  managed to  spare P15 million  which  was  far much  below  the  required  amount .However  it  remains to be seen  if an additional  funding   will  be   directed  towards  the  games. Also    the  budget  speech  delivery   comes  at a time in which   government  has made a commitment   to   deliver   on  10 mini stadia  across  various  villages amongst  them  Moshupa, Tonota and Mmadinare  just to mention a few.

This   publication took   to the streets   to speak    to various    sports administrators and sportspersons on their   expectations from the   budget. And this is what they   had to say.


Botlhale Phaphane-Botswana Athletics Association President

“Very little expectations, we are currently struggling    to qualify the team to the Tokyo Olympics. But  I’m hoping  for conclusion  of the 10 stadia  across the country   and accreditation   of those facilities  with World Athletics  standards .There is also  a need for us to  streamline   sporting codes  according to performance and fund  most  performing  national  sports   associations,”


Kudzanani Motswagole-Botswana Table Tennis Association President

‘We expect nothing else but   the best, we are aware of the fact that we sports people we share   national cake with   other sectors of the government. We want to see   sports development which speaks to the ordinary sports persons. Sharing national  cake will  mean  that we  will not  see  what  we  desire  in one financial   year so we are patient,  at the same  time very  bold  about the  desire  to see sport  developing  so that it contributes  to employment  creation,”


Tshepo Bathai-Botswana Karate Association President

“Botswana sport   is not progressing much because    of lack of   fit for purpose sports facilities. I believe the time is now to develop sports centers across the country that can prepare our athletes for international games. Another issue that needs to be looked into is constituency sports program, this program is given more funds than BNSC and BNSC combined. However  its contribution  towards sports  development  is  still a challenge .From last Sports  Pitso  National Sports Associations were asked to propose  how  they  can  improve the  program , I do hope that invitation   is still open”


Monica Alfred-Volleyball Player


“My expectations are to build better infrastructure that will accommodate   all sporting codes. For instance we need indoor halls for sporting codes like   netball and volleyball. More money   has to be sent to development such that we have robust youth   development structures which will churn out players for us,”

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